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CO19 (SO19) - Equipment

CO19 make use of some highly specialised bits of kit.

Kit and Clothing

CO19 officers have access to standard policing kit incluindg handcuffs, mace/pepper spray and batons. Specialist Firearms Officer (SFO) units source much of their assault equipment from the same manufacturers as the SAS do, making a fully kitted-up SFO policeman look almost identical to an SAS CT trooper. Typical clothing/kit include:

  • dark blue Nomex fire-resistant overalls
  • ceramic / kevlar body armour
  • assault vest with stun grenades, tear gas cannisters and magazine pouches
  • S/SF-10 respirator
  • C100 ceramic helmet.


BMW Area Car (5 Series)

BMW Area Car
Used by CO19 ARV (Armed Response Vehicle) and other Met Special Operations units, BMW Area Cars are fitted with GPS navigation and secure communications equipment.

Jankel TIV

The Met operates several Jankel armoured Guardian TIV (Tactical Intervention Vehicles), large 4x4s which feature bullet-proof windscreens & blast-proof flooring. Up to 8 CO19 SFO operators can be accomodated inside each vehicle.
more info on the Jankel TIV
(Official Jankel website)

Unmarked Cars

CO19 SFOs will make use of unmarked cars as and when required by a particular operation.

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