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Royal Marines Operations / History

The Royal Marines have a long and distinguished history that dates back to 1664 when a force of soldiers were stationed aboard Royal Navy ships. Royal Marine naval infantry formations went on to fight in many conflict as Britain's Empire expanded.

Royal Marines fought many actions in World War 2. In 1942 the first RM Commando units were raised and played a large role in the D-Day landings at Normandy.

Following World War 2, Royal Marines fought in the Far East, including Malaya and Borneo. Royal Marines fought in the Korean War and undertook sabotage raids along the Korean coast. During the Suez Crisis 45 Commando took part in the world's first helicopter borne assault. Royal Marines also saw action in Aden and Cyprus.

Some notable recent post-war operation include:

1949 - Malayan Emergency
3 Commando Brigade provide counter-insurgency support for the Malayan government fighting communist guerillas.

1956 - The Suez Crisis
45 Cdo perform the world's first helicopter-borne assault during British and French military action in Egypt. 40 and 42 Cdo undertook more traditional amphibous landings at Port Said.

1969 - present - Operation Banner
Over the period of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, The Royal Marines completed over 69 tours of duty.

1982 - Operation Corporate
The Royal Marines play a big role in the Faklands Conflict. RM Commandos bravely defended the Falklands and South Georgia from the Argentine invasions. The Royal Marines assist the SAS and SBS in recapturing South Georgia and later land in force on the Falklands themselves and fight several key battles.

1991 - Operation Safe Haven
Apart from the SBS, the Royal Marines had missed out on the Gulf War (Operation Granby). In the ensuing humanitarian crisis in Kurdish areas of Northern Iraq, 40 and 45 Commando deployed as part of efforts to protect the Kurds.

1994 - Operation Vigilant Warrior
When it looked as if Saddam Hussein was about to move again against Kuwait, 45 Commando were airlifted to Kuwait to bolster coalition forces.

1995 - Bosnia
Royal Marines act as a Rapid Reaction Force in Bosnia

1997and 1998
40 Commando flew to the Congo Republic to protect British interests and 45 Cdo delivered humanitarian aid to Honduras and Nicaragua following a devestating hurricane.

2000 - Operation Agricola IV
3 Cdo HQ, logistic and signals take control of the Multi-National Brigade (Centre) in Kosovo. Elements of 45 Commando make up part of the multi-national force.

2000 - Sierra Leone
42 Commando, as part of the Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) deployed from HMS Ocean to carry out peacekeeping operations in Sierra Leone, releiveing the 1 PARA battlegroup that had been previously deployed.

2001 - Oman
3 Cdo Bde take part in a large scale exercise, Exercise Saif Sareea 2 (Swift Sword 2), in the Gulf state of Oman. Following the terrorist attacks of September 2001, around 200 Royal Marines from 40 Cdo embarked on HMS Fearless for potential deployment into Afghanistan.

2001 - Present Afghanistan

The Royal Marines have carried out a series of operations in Afghanistan since early 2002.

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2003- Present - Iraq - Operation Telic

40, 42 and 45 Commando play key roles in Operation Telic, the UK name for operations in Iraq.

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