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british special forces
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Pinzgauer 4X4

Pinzgauer 4x4 all-terrain vehicles are in increasing use within the UK military, replacing the Land Rover in the utility role. These agile trucks have good off-road performance and can carry a payload of up to 1,400kg or 10 people.

Royal Marines have been using Pinzgauers in Afghanistan, where their mobility off-road and carrying capacity has proved invaluable. The Royal Marines brigade patrol group, when performing recce operations in packs of WMIK Land Rovers, have taken Pinzgauers along to act as mother ships. The Pinzgauers are stripped down as much as possible, stacked with spare ammunition, fuel and other stores and armed with machine guns.

Pinzgauers feature independent suspension on all wheels which yields the following characteristics :

  • Approach/Departure 40˚/45˚
  • Ground clearance 360mm
  • Break over angle132˚
  • Lateral inclination 40˚
  • Belly clearance 360mm
  • Gradeability 100%

Pinzgauers 4x4s can wade through water to a depth of 7 meters and function in temperatures down to -46°. They can tow loads up to 5,000kg.

An armoured 6x6 Pinzgauer variant is due to enter service as a troop carrier for UK forces.

Pinzgauer 716M 4x4 Specifications

Engine Water-cooled 5 cylinder turbo diesel with intercooler. Euro III
Max Torque 280Nm @ 1,400-2,400rpm
Transmission All wheel drive with differential locks front and rear (100%) which can be engaged and disengaged while on the move
Automatic Electronic Traction Control (ETC)
Fully automatic 4-speed gear box
Fully synchromeshed 2-speed transfer gearbox
Maximum speed 120 kph on road
Range of action 800km
Wheels Steel disc wheels 7J x 16H2
Tyres Dual purpose tyre (biased 60% off-road performance, 40% on-road performance)
BF Goodrich 285/75 R16 M/T
Length 4,528mm
Width 1,800mm
Height 2,045mm
Wheelbase 2,400mm
Gross Weight 3,850kg
Payload 1,400kg

Members of 42 Commando''s Manoeuvre Support Group (MSG) fire a Javelin missile from the rear of a Pinzgauer 4x4.
image by PO (PHOT) Sean Clee  | © UK MOD / Crown Copyright 2023
Used under Open Government Licence

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