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SAS Recruitment Crisis


A recent report by the Sun newspaper highlights a recruitment crisis affecting the Special Air Service (SAS).

It would appear that the number of recruits from the Parachute Regiment have fallen in recent years. Traditionally, up to 60% of the SAS's ranks have made up by ex-Paras. The drop-off in Paras applying for SAS selection is said to be a result of the Paras having seen so much fighting in Afghanistan in recent years. Before September 11th, and the start of the global war on terror, a PARA would see the SAS as the most likely way to see combat, but that has now changed. Aside from deployment with the regular PARA battalions, Paras are also seeing action as part of the Special Forces Support Group and the elite Pathfinder Platoon.

With the entire Parachute Regiment deployed to Afghanistan, as part of 16 Air Assault Brigade, the SAS is likely to continue to have a recruitment problem.

It's not publicly known if the Special Boat Service, traditionally staffed by Royal Marines, is having a similar problem attracting recruits.

Further reading:
SAS fears recruits crisis
(Sun newspaper)

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