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14.07.2015 - SAS selection deaths: Coroner delivers neglect conclusion

Three reservists who died on an SAS selection march would have survived if the hike had been stopped when other soldiers fell ill, a coroner has said....

more info: SAS selection deaths: Coroner delivers neglect conclusion...
(BBC News)

05.07.2015 - UKSF Given Syria Green Light

British Special Forces have been given permission to step up operations in Syria in Iraq...

more info: Britain's secret war on ISIS: Cameron gives SAS the green light...
(Daily Mail)

30.06.2015 - Elite Police Join London Terror Drills

Armed police from SCO19 are taking part in Strong Tower, a large scale counter terrorism exercise in London....

more info: SCO19 Join CT Exercise
( report)

17.06.2015 - Gurkhas On Exercise Saber Strike (video/photo)

Video of troops from the 2nd Battalion Gurkha Rifles (2 RGR)....

more info: Gurkhas On Exercise Saber Strike
( report)

01.06.2015 - SAS selection deaths: 'Too much paperwork' to swap march date

An Army officer told a grieving family it would have been "too much paperwork" to cancel SAS reserve training in which three men died, an inquest has heard....

more info: SAS selection deaths: 'Too much paperwork' to swap march date
(BBC News)

31.05.2015 - Trainee dies on Royal Marines Dartmoor '30-miler' march

A Royal Marine trainee has collapsed and died on an exercise on Dartmoor....

more info: Trainee dies on Royal Marines Dartmoor '30-miler' march
(BBC News)

27.05.2015 - SBS Emergency Call For Air Support Video

A video has surfaced featuring a cockpit recording of a US attack aircraft providing emergency close air support to SBS commandos surrounded by Iraq forces, March 2003...

more info: SBS Emergency CAS Call Video

28.04.2015 - SBS To Counter People-Smugglers?

The Special Boat Service is to deploy to the Med to help counter people traffickers...

more info: SBS To Deploy Against Smugglers

23.04.2015 - UKSF Plane Spotted Over Bristol

A spy plane that supports British Special Forces was spotted flying over Bristol...

more info:

19.04.2015 - UKSF Using Mini Drones

The SAS have employed small micro-drones in surveillance operations against IS, it has been reported...

more info: SAS using 'toy drones' to pinpoint location of IS militants before airstrikes
(Business Standard)

13.04.2015 - SBS 'Raid' The Falklands

British Special Forces have carried out raids to test the defences of the Falkland Islands, it has been revealed....

more info: UK Forces test Falklands defences amid fears Argentina are on brink of invasion

23.03.2015 - British Special Forces Pull Out Of Yemen

British troops are airlifted out of the capital Sana'a as the UN warns rebel advances leave the country on the brink of civil war....

more info: British Special Forces Pull Out Of Yemen
(Sky News)

08.03.2015 - SRR Return To Northern Ireland

A newspaper claims that members of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) have been deployed on operations in Northern Ireland...

more info: UK troops back in N Ireland
(Daily Star)

25.02.2015 - Paratrooper To Receive Victoria Cross

A soldier with 1 PARA is to receive Britain's highest military award for gallantry, the Victoria Cross...

more info: Para to get Victoria Cross

22.02.2015 - Woman gets BBC to change its men-only rule for SAS endurance challenge

A female adventurer decided to take the matter in her own hands after the BBC refused her application to compete in a special forces endurance challenge on the basis that she is a woman....

more info: Woman gets BBC to change its men-only rule...
(Daily Mail)

13.02.2015 - UKSF / MI6 Still Active In Afghanistan

British special forces and intelligence officers played a role in recent special operations in Afghanistan...

more info: British spies helped find Afghan trove of al Qaeda plans...
(The Telegraph)

10.02.2015 - UKSF To Provide Pilot Rescue Capability In Iraq

British Special Forces will be providing combat search and rescue (CSAR) teams to rescue coalition pilots downed over Iraq or Syria, the Daily Mail claims...

more info: British Special Forces set up snatch squad to rescue...
(Daily Mail)

09.02.2015 - UKSF To Feature In ITV Documentary

The role of British and American special forces in fighting terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan is to feature in an ITV documentary later this week...

more info: UKSF In New ITV Documentary

09.02.2015 - Snipers Get SAS Security Training

British military snipers are receiving SAS security training following an MoD blunder that comprimised their anonymity...

more info: Snipers Receive SAS Security Training

03.02.2015 - British Sniper Is World's Deadliest

A Royal Marine is the world's deadliest sniper, it has been claimed ...

more info: Royal Marine Sniper Is World's Deadliest

14.01.2015 - UKSF Join UK Security Operations

"SAS rushed in to guard our streets as Al Qaeda warns 'you're next'"

more info: The Express

12.01.2015 - French SF Praised By Former SAS

Recent counter terrorism operations by French Special Forces have been praised by former British SAS soldiers ...

more info: EX-SAS Praise French SF

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