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british special forces

UK Elite & Special Forces News

The latest news related to UK special forces and elite military and police units...

16.04.2014 - JSG To Downsize

The Joint Support Group - an elite Intelligence Corps unit - will be downsized to half of it's current strength...

more info: Joint Support Group To Downsize

15.04.2014 - UKSF Gets New Director

The SAS officer who commended Operation Barras is the new Director Special Forces (DSF)...

more info: Commander of SAS raid is new supremo of Britain's special forces
(the Mirror)

07.04.2014 - SBS Dry Dock Spotted

The Royal Navy submarine HMS Astute has been spotted in Gibraltar fitted with a special forces payload bay used to deliver SBS divers and minisubs...

more info: SBS Dry Dock

24.02.2014 - UKSF Selection 'Softened'

The selection process for the SAS and SBS has been 'softened' under new health and safety rules brought in following the deaths of 3 soldiers last summer...

more info: UKSF Selection 'Softened'

09.03.2014 - Women Can Join The Paras

Women can now apply to join the Parachute Regiment...

more info: Paras to allow women to join for first time since Second World War
(the Mirror)

17.02.2014 - UKSF & JSOC To Join Forces

British and American special operations forces (SOF) are to work more closely together in joint missions against terror targets...

more info: UKSF / JSOC To Join Forces

10.02.2014 - UKSF Raid Revealed

The Times has revealed details of the aborted UKSF raid in which a SBS commando was killed, another wounded and a military working dog captured...

more info: UKSF Raid Revealed

06.02.2014 - 'SAS Dog' Captured By The Taliban

A British military working, thought to have bee working for the SAS, has been captured by the Taliban...

more info: 'SAS Dog' Captured By Taliban

04.02.2014 - Hague Clarifies SAS Impact On Temple Massacre

The Foreign Secretary has reported to MPs that advice from the SAS had a limited access on the 1984 operation by the Indian military at the Golden Temple at Amritsar...

more info: SAS Impact At Golden Temple Raid Clarified

03.02.2014 - Commando Merlins To Get Upgrades

Merlin helicopters earmarked for the Commando Helicopter Force will receive £330 million in upgrades...

more info: Commando Merlins To Be Upgraded

20.01.2014 - SAS To Protect British Olympic Athletes

Troops from the SAS will be on hand to protect team GB athletes at the Winter Olympics in Russia next month...

more info: SAS To Protect team GB

16.01.2014 - Cameron Plays Down SAS Role In Golden Temple assault

The Prime Minister David Cameron has stated that there was no involvement by British special forces in the 1984 India's 1984 Amritsar Golden Temple assault. Recently declassified documents revealed that Margaret Thatcher approved the sending of an SAS officer to advise the Indian government. Cameron has ordered an official enquiry into wether Britain did indeed assist in any way with the brutal crackdown against Sikh militants within the Golden Temple complex.

more info: The Daily Star

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