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british special forces » news » UKSF On The Ground In Libya?
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UKSF On The Ground In Libya?


Press reports are claiming that SAS/SBS/SRR teams are now on the ground inside Libya, scouting out potential targets for air strikes by coalition aircraft, gathering intelligence and possibly linking up with rebel forces.

more info:

  • the guardian
  • the sunday mirror
    (claims SAS teams have been operating in Libya for several weeks now)
  • the daily mail
    (mentions that SAS, SBS and SRR teams are active in Libya)
  • the daily mail
    (new daily mail report that claims 350 UKSF troops are operating in Libya, with more on the way)

update: later press reports state that US CIA Special Activities Division units are on the ground inside Libya, meeting with the rebels and gathering other intelligence.

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