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British Special Forces In Libya


Reports are coming in about the involvement of British special forces in the Libyan revolution. It would appear that a number of UK special forces (UKSF) operators, including serving and former SAS troops, have been actively assisting the rebels, including in their assault on the capital, Tripoli.

Since the early days of the rebellion, British special forces, along with their French, Jordanian and Qatari counterparts have been arming, advising and training rebel forces. UKSF would also be in place to coordinate with NATO air power. UKSF forward air controllers will have called in NATO war planes and attack helicopters to hit targets on the ground, often ahead of advances by rebel ground forces. UKSF operators would also be in radio contact with NATO aircraft in order prevent them from accidentally striking rebel forces. It's also likely that, throughout the campaign, UKSF and MI6 officers have been sending intelligence reports back to NATO commanders.

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UKSF in Libya - Summary Of Previous Reports

  • 24-02-2011 - As it all kicked off in Libya, the UK press reported that British special forces had been put on alert to evacuate British nationals

  • 26-02-2011 to 27-02-2011- British oil workers were rescued from the Libyan desert by RAF Special Forces Hercules aircraft and SAS/SBS troops

  • 06-03-2011 - In an embarrassing incident, a combined MI6 / UKSF team were arrested then eventually released by rebels in eastern Libya. This was the first confirmation that British special forces were on the ground and attempting to link up with rebel forces.

  • 19-03-2011 - various reports say that UKSF were operating throughout Libya.

  • 01-06-2011 - Footage of apparent Westerners embedded with rebel forces surfaced. It was speculated that the men may be British special forces and intelligence officers or possibly former UKSF personnel under private contract.

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