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SRR Join The Hunt For Gaddafi


Following on from reports that members of 22 SAS were leading the hunt for Colonel Gaddafi, it has today emerged that another British special forces unit, the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) has now been deployed. The Sun and the Mirror both refer to sources that confirm that the SRR are in Tripoli and other cities, although as always with special forces operations, the MoD has not confirmed such reports. Defence Secretary Liam Fox did however confirm that British intelligence and reconnaissance "assets" were being used in Libya.

The operators of the SRR, having worked in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan are no stranger to covert surveillance operations in urban environments. They are experts at blending into the background and keeping watch on their targets whilst remaining undetected.

The SRR will join other British and French special forces and indigenous NTC troops in the hunt for Colonel Gaddafi and his sons, who's forces have lost considerable ground in recent days but who are still putting up fierce resistance in isolated pockets in Tripoli and elsewhere. The question of where the embattled but elusive dictator is hiding is on many people's lips right now. The deployment of the SAS and SRR is a sign of the determination of Britain and its allies to quickly find him and hopefully start to bring the current misery of the Libyan people to an end.

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