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british special forces
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This section examines some of the various bits of equipment, vehicles and boats used by British Special Forces and elite troops.

misc gear

Miscellanous Gear

Night vision goggles, thermal imagers, leatherman tools, laser target designators etc.
more info : Miscellanous Gear

Vehicles used by UK Special Forces

WMIK Land Rovers, All-Terrain Vehicles, Pinzgauer Trucks and the new SAS longe range patrol vehicle.
more info : UKSF Vehicles

UKSF Aircraft

A look at the helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft which support the Special Forces.
more info : UKSF Aircraft

UKSF Boats

Featuring inflatable raiding craft, RIBS, hovercrafts and offshore raiding craft and other vessels used by UKSF and the Royal Marines.
more info : UKSF Boats
parachute regiment kit

Parachute Regiment Kit

Read our article on personal kit carried by the Paras.
more info : Parachute Regiment Kit
X Platoon
Steve Heaney MC

A fascinating look inside the elite Pathfinder Platoon, including selection and ops in Central America and the Balkans.

more info: X Platoon
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RM Green Team
Green Team
Royal Marines Boarding Team
view: RM Green Team
42 Commando Vikings
SFSG Marksman
SFSG soldier armed with HK417 rifle
view: SFSG Marksman
Squadron Reconnaissance Team (SRT)
view: 539 ASRM SRT


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