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british special forces » photo gallery » soldier with sa80a2

British Soldier with New SA80A2

photo category: misc
Photo of a British soldier in Afghanistan toting a SA80A2 rifle fitted with several of the recent modifications made to it. These includes a Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny rail that allow attachments top, left, right and underneath. A bipod/foregrip is commonly fitted as is a 4x4 ACOG sight, replacing the SUSAT sight that has been used since the SA80 was first introduced into service in the mid-80s.. A range of other optics and torches can now also be fitted to the SA80A2, as per operational requirements. The SA80A2 picture above features grip pod, a foregrip that rapidly transforms to a bi-pod.
Official Marine Corps photograph by Cpl Alex C. Guerra

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