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Royal Marines Photos

sub galleries :
fleet protection group Royal Marines
photos featuring the elite FPGRM + other Royal Marines units on ship-boarding operations
operation sond chara
photos of the December 2008 operation by 42 Commando in Helmand Province
click thumbnails to see full size image and detailed decription
Royal Marines snipers Royal Marines snipers with L115a1 rifles

Royal Marines snipers
Signals Troop Signallers with 40 Commando Signals Troop

Signals Troop
Manoeuvre Support Group Manoeuvre Support Group firing Javelin missile

Manoeuvre Support Group

Delta Company Delta Company 40 Commando Royal Marines foot patrol

Delta Company 40 Commando
42 Commando - SA80A2 Royal Marine from 42 Commando armed with SA80A2

42 Commando - SA80A2
AT Troop Royal Marines Anti-Tank Troop firing Javelin missile

AT Troop
42 Commando training Royal Marines training in Helmand

Royal Marines - training
Brigade Reconnaissance Force Brigade Reconnaissance Force abseiling from Lynx helicopter

BRF - Lynx
Royal Marines sharpshooter 40 Commando - L129a1 Sharpshooter and GPMG

Royal Marines - Sharpshooter
40 Commando - Afghanistan 40 Commando patrol in Afghanistan

40 Commando - Afghanistan
45 Commando Royal Marine 45 Commando Royal Marine on Norway training op

45 Commando Royal Marine
40 Commando - Sharpshooter Royal Marine from 40 Commando armed with a L129A1 Sharpshooter

40 Commando - Sharpshooter
rm commando with GPMG RM Commando firing a GPMG

commando - gpmg
royal marine with sa80a2 Royal Marine with SA80a2 rifle

royal marine - sa80a2
royal marine with LSW Royal Marine firing Light Support Weapon (LSW)

Royal Marines - lsw
royal marine with LSW Royal Marine taking aim with a Light Support Weapon (LSW)

commando - lsw
Royal Marines securing drop zone 45 Commando securing Drop Zone

45 cdo lz
rm land rover lifted by ch-53 US CH-53 helicpter lifting RM Land Rover

rm landrover chopper lift
Royal Marines  recon patrol Royal Marines recon patrol

rm recon patrol
Brigade Patrol Troop Brigade Patrol Troop mountain training

brigade patrol troop
lcvp Royal Marines LCVP landing craft

landing craft
LCU Royal Marines LCU landing craft

landing craft utility
sond chara Royal Marines sniper team demo

Sniper Team
Royal Marine - US Marines Royal Marines demonstrate the L115A3 sniper rifle to the UK Secretary Of Defence.

L115a3 Sniper Rifle
Royal Marine - US Marines Royal Marine during Op Haven, Iraq, 1991

Operation Haven
Royal Marine - US Marines Royal Marines on hike with US Marines

Royal Marine - US Marines
Royal Marines - Rigid Raider Royal Marines - Rigid Raider and Inflatable Raiding Craft

Rigid Raider / IRC
Royal Marine - Beach Exercise Royal Marines secure a beach during training

Royal Marines - Beach Exercise
Royal Marines - Repelling Royal Marine - repelling down mountain

Royal Marine - Repelling
Royal Marines - Mountain Training Royal Marines - mountain training

Royal Marine - Mountain Training
Royal Marines - Viking APC Royal Marines - with Viking APCs from the Armoured Support Group

Royal Marine - Viking APCs
Royal Marines - Rigid Raider Royal Marines - Rigid Raiding Craftt

Rigid Raider
Royal Marines Reserves Royal Marines Reserves (RMR)

Royal Marines Reverves
Landing Craft Royal Marines Land Craft

Royal Marines - Beach Royal Marines Reservists - Bournemouth Air Festival

Royal Marines Reservists
Royal Marine - 9mm Beretta Royal Marine teaching pistol drills

Royal Marine - 9mm Pistol
Royal Marines - Helmand 42 Commando training in Helmand

Royal Marines - Helmand
maneuvre support section 42 Commando Maneuver Support Section with Jackal MWMIK

Maneuver Support Section
Royal Marines - Iraq Royal Marines Comandos return to Iraq

Royal Marines in Iraq
Royal Marines - Iraq Royal Marines return to Iraq

Royal Marines - Iraq
Royal Marine - C7 Royal Marine with C7 rifle.

Royal Marine - C7
45 Commando 45 Commando, Royal Marines

45 Commando
45 Commando Royal Marines 45 Commando - Exercise Cold Response 2010

45 Comando - Royal Marines
45 Commando Arctic 45 Commando - Arctic training in Norway

45 Comando - Arctic Training
45 Commando - Exercise 45 Commando - Exercise with US Marines

45 Comando - Arctic Exercise
Royal Marines - M4 Carbines Royal Marines training with M4 carbines

Royal Marines - M4 Carbines
Royal Marines - room clearing Royal Marines - room clearing drills

Royal Marines - room clearing
Royal Marines - GPMG Royal Marines loading general purpose machine gun

Royal Marines - gpmg
Rigid Raiding Craft Royal Marines on exercise with Rigid Raiding Craft (RRC)

Rigid Raiders
RM - Night Ops Royal Marines on night ops, Afghanistan

Royal Marines - Night Ops
Brigade Patrol Troop Brigade Patrol Troop in training

Brigade Patrol Troop
Viking APC Viking APC coming ashore with Royal Marines

Viking APC
Royal Marine - LMG Royal Marine takes aim with light machine gun

Royal Marines - LMG
Royal Marines - beach Royal Marines storming a beach during training

Royal Marines - Beach
Royal Marines - firing range Royal Marines at a firing range

Royal Marines - Firing Range
Royal Marine - UGL Royal Marine armed with SA80A2 UGL

Royal Marine - UGL
Royal Marine - M4 M203 Royal Marine with a US M4 and M203 grenade launcher

Royal Marine - M4 M203
Royal Marine - sniper Royal Marine armed with a L96 sniper rifle

Royal Marine - Sniper
Operation Tornado Royal Marines loading into Chinook for Op Tornado

Royal Marines - Operation Tornado
Royal Marine - Viking Royal Marine Viking APC GPMG gunner

Royal Marine - Viking APC
Royal Marine - 40 Commando 40 Commando Royal Marines aboard HMS Illustrious

Royal Marines - HMS Illustrious
Royal Marine - 42 Commando Royal Marine with 42 Commando in Iraq, 2003

42 Commando Royal Marine - Iraq
Royal Marine Royal Marine with 40 Commando aboard a ship during an exercise

Royal Marine - On Ship
Royal Marine - Sharpshooter Royal Marine armed with L129A1 Sharpshooter - Afghanistan

Royal Marine - L129A1
42 Commando - Juliet Company Juliet Company, 42 Commando in Afghanistan, July 2011

J Company, 42 Commando
Royal Marine - Building Entry Royal Marines - Building Entry & Clearance

Royal Marines - Building Entry
42 Commando - GPMG Royal Marine armed with GPMG, Helmand, 2011

42 Commando - GPMG
Brigade Patrol Troop Brigade Patrol Troop on exercise in Norway

Brigade Patrol Troop
Royal Marines hovercraft Royal Marines with 539 ASRM patrol in a LCAC hovercraft, Iraq 2003

Royal Marines Hovercraft
Royal Marines helocasting Royal Marines helocasting from a CHF Sea King helicopter

Royal Marines - Helocasting
royal marine with minimi para Royal Marine standing guard armed with minimi PARA

Royal Marines - minimi PARA
Royal Marines test firing sa80s Royal Marines test firing SA80s

marines firing sa80s
rm in afghanistan Royal Marines deployed to Afghanistan, 2002

45 cdo - afghanistan
rm in afghanistan 45 Commando on Op Snipe

45 cdo op snipe
Royal Marines firing sa80 Royal Marines Firing sa80 assault rifles

Royal Marines - sa80s
M Coy M Company, 42 Commando training

M Coy 42 Commando
commachio group Commachio Group Royal Marines on exercise in the US

commanchio group
Royal Marines viking apc RM demo featuring a Viking APC

viking spc
training with sa80 A RM Commando aiming his SA80 assault rifle

commando with sa80
Royal Marines - fibua training 45 Commando doing urban combat training (FIBUA)

45 cdo - fibua
Royal Marines abseiling from Lynx Commandos riding on outside of a RM Lynx helicopter

commandos on lynx helicopter
royal marine with sa80 Royal Marines Commando and SA80 assault rifle

rm commando - sa80
Alpha Company Alpha Company 40 Commando on helicopter assault op

A Company 40 Commando
SRS Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron (SRS) Royal Marines conduct cold weather warfare training in Norway

Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron
SRT Squadron Recce Team (SRT) perfomring beach reconnaissance.

Squadron Recce Team
SRT Whiskey Company 45 Commando training in jungle warfare

Whiskey Company

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