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All Arms Commando Training

Non Royal Marines elements within 3 Commando Brigade such as the Royal Artillery units, Royal Engineers and Royal Navy Commandos go through an extensive and arduous training program. Once successfully commando trained, the trainee receives the coveted green beret, or 'green lid', and the right to wear the commando dagger badge on their uniform.

All Arms Commando Course

The AACC is run 4 times a year at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM), Lympstone, Devon and runs for 7 weeks

Entry Requirements

  • Pass Royal Marines Battle Fitness Test (BFT) on joining course
  • Pass Combat Fitness Test (CFT) within 1 month of joining course
  • Swim 60 meters in clothing and tread water for 3 minutes.
  • Complete 6.4 km booted run in less than 35 minutes within 1 month of joining course.
  • Climb 30 ft (9.2m) rope whilst wearing equipment weighing 6.8kg on joining course
  • Passed the Annual Personal Weapons Test (APWT) on the 5.56mm individual weapon within the last 6 months
  • Pass Weapons Handling Tests on personal weapon to a skilled standard on joining course


A 1 week introductory course prepares the candidates for the training regime, ensuring that the candidates, who come from a range of backgrounds, receive common training in basic skills.

Basic infantry skills

Candidates are taught standard soldiering techniques such as patrolling, defence, section , troop level attacks and field firing.

Commando skills

More advanced techniques are taught:

  • Amphibious Assault
  • Cliff Assault,
  • Helicopter Drills
  • Small-unit tactics
  • Survival

Physical Criteria tests

These tests are run throughout the duration of the course and are usually completed carrying 22 lbs in webbing and weapon.

  • Speed Marches
  • Battle Physical Test:
      bottom Field Assault Course
      thirty foot Rope Climb
      two hundred meters Fireman's Carry
      twelve-Mile Load Carry (carrying a bergan of more than 70 lbs)

Final Exercise

The All Arms Commando Course concludes with a seven day-long final exercise testing basic military tactics:

  • map reading
  • amphibious skills
  • endurance and stamina

Test Week

  • Endurance Course
       six mile run which features a of tunnels and pools, followed by a live firing test
  • Nine Mile Speed March
  • Tarzan Assault Course
      traditional assault course culminating with a thirty ft wall climb
  • Thirty Mile March

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