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Royal Marines

The Royal Marines are the amphibious commando force of the Royal Navy. In recent times, the Royal Marine Commandos have been deployed to Afghanistan and played a major part in the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

royal marines
Royal Marines snipers armed with L115 rifles
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Elite UK Force's section on the Royal Marines features:

3 Commando Brigade

The Royal Marines (or 'Bootnecks' as they call themselves), in the form of 3 Commando Brigade, are a key element of the UK's Rapid Reaction Force.

The Commandos

The primary fighting elements of the Royal Marines are the battalion-sized Commando units.

Each Commando is organised into 6 companies. Each company is made up of platoon-sized Troops:

Royal Marines Operational History

The Royal Marines have a long history, beginning as ship-borne troops, evolving into Commandos during World War 2, to the elite fighting force of today.

more info : Royal Marines Operations

Special Forces Support

1 company (F Coy) of Royal Marines are assigned to the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG).

Mountain Leaders

Each commando battalion contains specialists in mountain and arctic warfare, known as Mountain Leaders (MLs). Mountain Leaders are proficient in cliff assaults, high altitude warfare and skiing.

more info : Mountain Leaders »


The Royal Marines employ some specialised vehicles. These include:


The Royal Marines operate a range of watercraft:

Royal Marines Selection & Training

The Royal Marines go through extensive training. An initial selection period is followed by a 32 week training program.

more info : initial Royal Marines selection »

want to pass selection for the Royal Marines? Click here to find out how »

Royal Marines Special Units

There are several specialised RM sub units :

Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines

A special cadre of Royal Marines tasked with fleet and nuclear security.

more info : Fleet Protection Group »

Brigade Patrol Troop (Brigade Reconnaissance Force)

3 Commando Brigade's elite reconnaissance force.

more info : Brigade Patrol Troop »

The Special Boat Service (SBS)

Drawn mostly from RM ranks, but technically under the command of the Directorate of Special Forces and part of UKSF, the SBS is a special forces unit on a par with the army's SAS.

Roles of the SBS include Maritime Counter-Terrorism, beach and shore reconnaissance, drug smuggling interdiction and behind the lines reconnaissance and sabotage missions.

more info : Special Boat Service »

Royal Marines Reserves (RMR)

The regular Commandos are augmented by fully trained civlian volunteers from 5 RMR units

more info : Royal Marines Reserves »

Other Royal Marines Units

1 Assault Group Royal Marines (1 AGRM)

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Sea King
CHF Sea King
Inside cockpit of a Commando Helicopter Force Sea King Mk4+
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Para Sharpshooter
Paratrooper with L129A1 Sharpshooter rifle
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43 Commando
Royal Marines with 43 Commando firing MP5A3 smgs
view: 43 Commando
658 Squadron AAC
SAS Helos
658 Squadron AAC - 22 SAS's covert taxi service...

8 Flight
Special Forces Support Group (SFSG)
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