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Supacat ATMP

The Supacat All Terrain Mobility Platform (ATMP) in use by 16 Air Assault Brigade forces, including the Parachute Regiment.

The ATMP is a permanent 6-wheel drive, diesel-powered troop carrier. It can carry 2 crew and up to 8 troops. The ATMP is steered by a handlebar device. The ATMP offers excellent off-road capability. A hollow aluminium-clad frame allows the ATMP to float on water.

ATMPs can be configured for different roles:

  • basic troop transport
  • with roll bars and weapons mounts fitted the ATMP can act as a mobile fire support base
  • fork lift pallet trailer
  • aviation fuel tanker
  • casualty evacuation - with the addition of stretchers
1 Para Supacat ATMP
Members of 1 PARA travel on Supacat ATMPs on the road to Pristina, Kosovo, 1999.
Image by Kevin Capon | © UK MOD / Crown Copyright 1999
Used under Open Government Licence

Supacat ATMP Specifications

Engine VW ADE 1.9 turbo charged diesel
Max Torque : 164 N·m 121 (lbf·ft) @ 1850 rpm
Transmission 4 forward and 1 reverse ratio automatic gearbox
Maximum speed 64 kph on road
Weight 2000 kg laden
Length 3.44m
Width 2.03m
Height 1.85m

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