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Diemaco C7 Assault Rifle

The Diemaco C7 is the big brother of the C8 carbine as used by UK Special Forces (UKSF). In essence, the C7 is a Canadian-made clone of the American M16a2 assault rifle. Small improvements to the original design include a heavier hammer-forged barrel.

The C7 fires 5.56x45mm rounds from 30-round magazines at either semi or fully automatic.

Aside from limited use within UKSF, the C7 has also found its way into the arsenals of the Pathfinder Platoon and the Brigade Patrol Troop. The lack of confidence in the standard issue SA80a1 rifle led these 2 elite units to opt for the C7 which was considered more reliable in the field. The C7 can also be fitted with a battle-proven grenade launcher (the M203), something the SA80a1 could not boast. The M203 gives small patrols the extra clout to fight their way out of trouble, making it ideal for the high risk missions performed by the Pathfinders and BRF. Due to tightening budgets and improved confidence in the recently-fielded SA80a2 (including the UGL variant with attached 40mm grenade launcher), the use of the C7 outside of UKSF is becoming more limited.

c7 diemaco
Diemaco c7 assault rifle

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