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SAS Weapons - C8 SFW Carbine (L119A1)

UKSF armed with C8 carbine
UKSF operator armed with C8 SFW
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The Canadian clone of the US-made M4 carbine, the Diemaco (now Colt Canada) C8 SFW (Special Forces Weapon), has been used by the Regiment since the late 90s, taking over the role of primary assault rifle from the venerable M16. Essentially, a cut-down and improved M16, the C8 sacrifices some range for compactness.

The C8 SFW, designated L119A1 within the UK military, offers several improvements over the M4 it is based on. These improvements include a hammer forged heavy mid-length (16.1 inches) barrel.

The C8 fires a 5.56x45mm round and uses standard NATO 30-round magazines. The C8 is a versatile weapon which can be fitted with a variety of scopes / aiming devices. Other attachments include an underslung 40mm grenade launcher. UKSF are reportedly using the HK AG-C (L17A1) grenade launcher.

A shortened version of the L119A1 with a 10 inch barrel, known commercially as the C8 CQB, is also used by the SAS/SBS. The C8 CQB's shorter length makes it ideal for close protection work and room clearing. Royal Military Police Protection Units carry the C8 CQB.

The SAS and SBS used the C8 during the daring hostage rescue mission, Operation Barras, in 2000.

C8 C8 M203
C8 SFW carbine with iron sights C8 with eclan optics + M203 grenade launcher
C8 CQB  
C8 CQB  

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