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Close Protection Unit Royal Military Police

Close Protection Unit Royal Military Police (CPU RMP) is a unit of the RMP that specialises in protecting high ranking military personnel and other VIPs.

CPU RMP - Deployment

CPU RMP typically deploy in small 3-person teams but can also work as 4-person Special Escort Section. Security Advance Parties sometimes deploy ahead of the VIP's arrival at a given venue. Residency Security teams provide protection at the VIP's home. In certain situations, a number of CPU RMP Operatives will act as a counter-attack force, ready to back-up another deployed CPU RMP team.

CPU RMP - Weapons

The bodyguards within CPU RMP, known as Close Protection Operatives, carry a range of weapons :

CPU RMP - Training

RMP Close Protection Operatives undergo an extensive 8-week training program that covers a range of disciplines, including :

The training course culminates in an extended exercise in which the students must protect a 'VIP' over a period of several days. Royal Military Police Officers can apply for the Close Protection Unit after six months service with the RMP. Initially trained by the SAS, the RMP now runs its own close protection courses which train other units. The RMP is part of the Provost Branch of the British Army's Adjutant General's Corps (AGC).

Royal Military Police close protection
A pair of Royal Military Police (RMP) Close Protection Operatives, carrying C8 CQB carbines, guard British Lt. Gen. John Cooper, the Deputy Commanding General for Multi-National Force-Iraq in As Samawah, Iraq.
US DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Brendan Stephens

RMP CPU 16 Air Assault Brigade
Members of 156 Provost Company, RMP CPU protect Brigadier Giles Hill, the then commander of 16 Air Assault Brigade during a training exercise.
photo by Corporal Obi Igbo © UK MOD / Crown Copyright 2013

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