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The majority of images on the website are either from public domain sources such as wikimedia commons or supplied by users who have given permission for their use.

As it is not possible to exhaustively check the copyright owner for every image used, regrettably, sometimes images are used without the proper permissions or attirbution. We take copyright seriously and is not our intention to infringe anyone's copyright.

If you are the copyright holder of an image on the site that has been used without your permission then please email the webmaster with a request to take the image down from our servers.

Alternatively, please consider allowing use of the image with appropriate credit / link back to your site.

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RM Green Team
Green Team
Royal Marines Boarding Team
view: RM Green Team
42 Commando Vikings
SFSG Marksman
SFSG soldier armed with HK417 rifle
view: SFSG Marksman
Squadron Reconnaissance Team (SRT)
view: 539 ASRM SRT
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