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UK Elite & Special Forces News / Blog

The latest news, media and commentary related to UK special forces and elite military and police units...

26.10.2020 - News: SBS Retake Oil Tanker

The Special Boat Service have secured an oil tanker off the Isle of Wight...

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13.09.2019 - News: Light Role Vehicle For UKSF?

A look at the Supacat LRV 400, a military 4x4 rumoured to be under consideration for use by British Special Forces...

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10.09.2019 - Video: UKSF On UK Streets 2017

Video footage of what appears to be United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF) (SAS and/or SBS) operating in the U.K. following the Manchester Arena bombing, May 2017. While some of the men in the footage are wearing 'Police' patches, they are also carrying L119A2 carbines, a model not used by UK police forces.

Video via N V Youtube Channel

24.07.2019 - Photos: British Army Snipers

British snipers taking part in multi0national competition in Germany...

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04.07.2019 - News: Royal Marines Interdict Tanker

Royal Marines from 42 Commando have seized an oil tanker - suspected of breaching EU sanctions - in the strait of Gibraltar...

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28.06.2019 - Media: Castle Commando

BBC film focusing on the formation and training of Army Commando units during World War 2...

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28.06.2019 - Media: 42 Commando Maritime Assault

Video showcasing 42 Commando's Maritime Assault Role:

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17.06.2019 - News: UKSF Set For New Russia Mission

The SAS and other UK Special Forces (UKSF) are poised to receive a new mission countering Russian and other forces around the world...

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25.03.2019 - News: UKSF Troops Hurt In Yemen

At least 5 members of the Special Boat Service have been injured during fighting in Yemen, it has been reported...

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22.02.2019 - Photos: 42 Commando VBSS

Photos of 42 Commando undergoing visit board search and seize (VBSS) training...

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19.02.2019 - News: British Special Forces Injured In Yemen

Two men from the Special Air Service have been injured by an IED while on a humanitarian mission in Yemen, the Express reports...

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12.02.2019 - News: Navy Plans New Amphibious Strike Ships

The Royal Navy wants to convert civilian freighters into amphibious assault ships for the Royal Marines...

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06.02.2019 - Media: Ex Green Dagger

Photos of 45 Commando Royal Marines on a large scale exercise in the Californian Desert...

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28.01.2019 - News: UKSF Exercise

A week-long maritime counter terrorism has recently completed...

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18.01.2019 - News: SAS Man In Line For George Cross For Kenya Actions

The SAS soldier who helped rescued people from the Nairobi hotel attack is in line to receive the George Cross for his bravery, the Telegraph reports.

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15.01.2019 - News: UKSF Spotted In Kenya

Photos and video appear to show UKSF soldiers assisting Kenyan forces during an terrorist attack at a hotel in Nairobi.

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10.01.2019 - News: The Paras: Men Of War

A new 3-part documentary series starts tonight at 9pm on ITV.

06.01.2019 - News: UKSF Injured In Syria

Two British Special Forces soldiers have been seriously injured by a rocket attack in Syria, it has been reported.

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03.01.2019 - Media: UKSF Sub Rendezvous

Photo posted on Reddit showing an RAF Chinook from 7 Squadron inserting British Special Forces (likely Special Boat Service (SBS)) onto the deck of HMS Ambush, a Royal Navy Astute-class submarine. Location: somewhere in the Mediterranean:

UKSF delivered to HMS Ambush via an RAF 7 Sqn (JSFAW) Chinook [618x473] from r/Warship

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02.01.2019 - Media: SCO19 - Gearing Up

From MPS Firearms Command's brand new Twitter account:

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02.01.2019 - Media: RMP Close Protection Unit provide a rare glimpse into the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit.

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02.01.2019 - Media: SAS Falklands Podcast

An excellent podcast featuring historian Dan Snow talking to Special Forces veterans Sir Cedric Delves and Danny West about the SAS in the Falklands.

listen to the podcast:

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