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SAS Weapons - M72 LAW Rocket LauNchers

When on foot, an SAS patrol needs a lightweight rocket launcher in order to deal with armoured threats such as APCs. The LAW 66mm is a one-shot disposable rocket launcher that is highly effective against soft skinned vehicles and light armour, up to a range of 200 meters. LAW 66s can also be used to clear bunkers or buildings. The 66mm rocket is ineffective against a main battle tank, although in skilled hands one could be used to disable a MBT's tracks.

LAW 66
LAW rocket in carry and extended-ready-to-fire configuration.

Weighing just 2.5kg and with a carry length of 0.67 meters, the LAW is designed to be carried slung over the shoulder. The launcher extends to just under 1 meter when ready to fire.

The infamous Gulf War I SAS foot patrol, Bravo Two Zero, carried LAWs and reportedly engaged Iraqi APCs and trucks with them. SAS, SBS, Royal Marines & Paras used LAWS to clear Argentine fixed positions during the 1982 Falklands War.

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