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264 (SAS) Signals Squadron

264 (SAS) Squadron provides dedicated communications support to 22 Special Air Service.

Often deploying alongside the Sabre Squadrons, these signallers ensure that the SAS can communicate in a secure and reliable fashion not just within the Squadron's area of operations but also with Hereford, their home base.

The men of 264 (SAS) Signals are part of the Royal Corps of Signals and have not gone through SAS selection, although they do have to pass the Special Forces Communicator (SFC) selection course. 264 Signals are now under the umbrella of 18 UKSF Signals Regiment.

264 (SAS) Signals includes a Communications Troop and four signal troops, each of which attaches to one of the four 22 SAS Sabre Squadrons (A,B,D or G).

R Troop

R troop is a territorial unit which augments 264 Signals. The 50 men of R Troop are the signals squadrons equivalent of L-Detachment, who augment 22 SAS. Staffed by civilian volunteers, R troop provide extra manpower and casualty replacements for 264.

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