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SBS Signals Squadron

The SBS Signals Squadron provides communications and computer support for the Special Boat Service.

The Squadron has increased with size in order to support the SBS's own expansion. SBS Signals is now under the umbrella of 18 (UKSF) Signals.

Most of the ranks within the SBS Signals Squadron are drawn from other RM Signals units, although other Royal Marines may also apply to become Royal Marines Special Forces Communicators (RM SFCs).

The ranks structure for RM SFCs is as follows:

  • Warrant Office (2): 3 (includes 1 Yeoman Of Signals)
  • Colour Sergeants : 5 (includes 4 Yeomen Of Signals)
  • Seargeants : 8
  • Corporals : 14
  • Marines : 45

SBS Signals Selection

Volunteers for the RM SFC sub-specialization undergo a SFC aptitude course at the SBS base at Poole, Dorset. Those Royal Marines that make it through the initial selection enter a pre-training phase that prepares them for the 24 week Special Forces Communicator course that is run by 18 (UKSF) Signals Regiment.

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