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SAS Weapons - Arwen 37 Launcher

The Arwen 37 Launcher is a 5-shot anti-riot weapon developed in the 60s by the British Arms Company, RSAF. Firing 37mm projectiles, such as plastic baton rounds and CS or CN tear gas canisters / penetrators, the Arwen is used by law enforcement agencies around the world. The Special Air Service use the Arwen 37 in the counter-terrorism role. A skilled operator could very quickly fill a target building with tear gas, incapacitating all inside, giving the SAS entry teams a vital advantage.

Arwen Launcher
Arwen 37 Mk III Launcher

Projectile technology has advanced since the Arwen's initial production, with a greater range of rounds now available for use in the launcher:

  • Impact Baton Rounds - with muzzle velocities of 74/61/50 meters per second - designed to transfer the kinetic energy of the round into the body of the target. The round is made of composite plastic.
  • Pyrotechnic Irritant Rounds - CS or CN canisters containing micronized tear gas powder that burst open and release their contents on impact. Rounds can contain multiple or single payloads.
  • Pyrotechnic Smoke Rounds - used to create smoke screens
  • Barricade Penetrating Rounds - designed to penetrate through doors, windows, light bodywork, etc. before delivering their payload of CN/CS gas inside.
  • Muzzle Blast Rounds - these deliver CN/CS gas directly through the launcher's barrel. For use at close range (3-9 meters)

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+ Police Ordnance - Arwen 37 Manufacturer's website
(Police Ordnance took over official production of the Arwen 37 when RSAF ceased trading.)
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