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SAS Weapons - Handguns

An SAS trooper will nearly always carry a handgun whilst on operations, either as a backup secondary weapon, or as primary weapon during undercover missions.

Browning High Power

In service in the Regiment for over 40 years, the Browning HP is a reliable and accurate 9mm handgun.

read more on the : Browning High Power

Sig Sauer P226

Made by Sig Arms of Switzerland, the Sig Sauer P226 is a popular handgun in service with many militaries and law enforcement agencies.

read more on the : Sig Sauer P226

Sig Sauer P230

Sometimes a full-sized pistol is undesirable. In such circumstances, the compact Sig Sauer P230 is ideal. The P230 is small enough to be concealed beneath civilian clothing without leaving a tell-tale bulge, however its small size means its magazine capacity is only 7 .380 ACP rounds.

browning high power sig sauer p226 sig p230
Browning High Power Sig Sauer Sig P226 Sig Sauer P230

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The SAS Training Manual
Chris McNab

How to Get Fit Enough to Pass a Special Forces Selection Course.

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