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Elite British Forces in popular Culture

This following section of Elite UK Forces looks at notable appearances by the SAS, and other elite forces, both fact and fiction, in television and film.

Patriot Games

This 1992 film features a sequence during which an SAS team neutralizes a terrorist training camp in the Libyan desert. The film's hero, Jack Ryan, played by Harrison Ford, watches the operation via satellite images beamed to CIA headquarters in the U.S.

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Red Cap (Series 2)

Red Cap was a BBC drama about the MoD Military Police Special Investigations Branch (SIB). The first episode of Series 2 features SIB investigating the ambush of an Special Air Service patrol in Bosnia. Aside from the SAS, this episode also features MoD Close Protection units.

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Who Dares Wins

Capitalizing quickly on the breaking of the Iranian Embassy Siege by the SAS, this cheesy but action-packed blockbuster features Lewis Collins, of The Professionals fame, as an SAS Captain who infiltrates a terrorist group. The film features several scenes of SAS counter-terrorism training, an assault on a house and a spectacular final set-piece: the SAS storming the American Embassy in London.

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Bravo Two Zero

A TV movie adaptation of Andy McNab's book, detailing an SAS foot patrol that gets comprimised behind enemy lines in the first Gulf War. Bravo Two Zero features from excellent action sequences and solid performances from the cast, including Sean Bean as McNab.

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