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Female Special Forces Are Olympic Guardians


Women from one of the UK's most secretive special forces units will be helping to protect the Olympic Games, a British newspaper has revealed.(1) The Daily Express has reported that the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) will be part of the unprecedented security operation to guard the games from terrorist attack. The newspaper goes on to report that a 40-strong contingent of female SRR operatives, dubbed 'the Amazons', will be deployed on Olympic security detail. The paper reports that the SRR have been training for this assignment for 2 years.

The 700-strong SRR is the only United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF) unit that recruits women. Its operatives typically operate in civilian clothing, blending in with whatever populace they work amongst. In many environments, women have an easier time of avoiding scrutiny than men.

The SRR carries out surveillance and intelligence gathering operations, often in support of the SAS and SBS. The unit has carried out numerous operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia. The SRR has also foiled terror attacks in Northern Ireland where it's predecessor, 14 Intelligence Company operated during the Troubles and where female operatives proved to be an invaluable asset.

If you haven't read them, we recommend these excellent first-hand accounts by female special forces soldiers who operated in Northern Ireland:

This reported SRR deployment adds to a military and police presence in London and other Olympic venues that is unprecedented in recent history. HMS Ocean is moored in the Thames from where helicopters carrying Royal Marine and Royal Air Force Regiment snipers will be patrolling the skies. Thames River Police and Royal Marines craft will be patrolling the Thames, Extra police and soldiers have been drafted in to carry out security checks at the sporting venues. Behind the scenes, SAS and SBS teams, along with the Met's Force Firearms Unit, SCO-19, are on standby to respond to a terror attack.

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