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2008 Archive

25.11.2008 More UK Special Forces Set For Afghanistan

The Sun newspaper reports on plans to significantly increase the number of British special forces in Afghanistan......

more info: the sun

25.11.2008 SBS in terror chief revenge

The SBS were involved in an operation to target Mullah Asad, a Taliban leader suspected of being responsible for the recent deaths of 2 Royal Marines, theSun has reported...

more info: the sun

21.11.2008 Prince William Train With SBS

Prince William is to train with the Special Boat Service in the Caribbean...

more info: Prince William Train With SBS
(Elite UK Forces report)

19.11.2008 Royal Marine wins Military Cross

A Royal Marine has been to Buckingham Palace to receive a medal from the Queen...

more info: Royal Marine wins Military Cross
(Elite UK Forces report)

12.11.2008 Royal Navy in firefight with Somali pirates

Pirates caught redhanded by one of Her Majesty's warships after trying to hijack a cargo ship off Somalia made the grave mistake of opening fire on two Royal Navy assault craft packed with commandos armed with machineguns and SA80 rifles...

more info: Royal Navy in firefight with Somali pirates
(Elite UK Forces report)

31.10.2008 SAS Commander Quits Over Kit

The commander of Britain's SAS troops in Afghanistan has resigned in disgust, accusing the Government of "gross negligence" over the deaths of four of his soldiers...

more info: SAS Commander Quits Over Kit
(Elite UK Forces report)

22.10.2008 'Failures' caused Hercules deaths

The deaths of 10 servicemen in a Special Forces Hercules air crash in Iraq were the result of "serious systemic failures", a coroner has said. Wiltshire coroner David Masters said the failure to fit Hercules planes with explosion suppressant foam was a factor in the tragedy...

more info: bbc news report

20.10.2008 SBS call in air strikes on Taliban convoy

The Sun newspaper has reported on a successfull SBS mission against a Taliban convoy close to the Afghanistan's border with Pakistan...

more info: the sun

01.10.2008 SAS soldier killed in Iraq was shot dead by 'British bullet'

An SAS soldier who died in a raid to arrest suspected insurgents in Iraq was shot by a type of bullet used by British troops, an inquest heard today....

more info: the mail on sunday | bbc news

21.09.2008 £25 million for SAS helicopters

The Sun reports on the reported replacement of 8 Flight's Agusta A109s with new French-made helicopters...

more info: the sun

20.09.2008 Put to the test : The navy's latest stealth boats

Portsmouth News reports on sightings of the Special Boat Service's new stealth boat...

more info: portsmouth news

14.09.2008 SBS and SRR in Pakistan

The Times reports on US Special Operations Forces and the UK's Special Boat Service (SBS) and Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) engaging the Taliban / Al Qaeda in Pakistan...

more info: the times

05.09.2008 Special Forces Chinook Mystery Solved?

Ipswich's Evening Star newspaper reports on recent sightings of low-flying Chinooks (RAF Special Froces?) around Nuclear power stations in Suffolk...

more info: evening star

02.09.2008 Paras carry out most daring mission 'since Second World War'

Soldiers from the Parachute Regiment and the Pathfinder Platoon have carried out a daring operation in Helmand Province, Afghanistan...

more info: the daily mail | bbc news

31.08.2008 Prince must dodge live bullets in SAS notorious killing house

Prince William is to train with the SAS on anti-terror exercises...

more info: the news of the world

30.08.2008 SAS kill hundreds of terrorists in 'secret war' against al-Qaeda in Iraq

The Telegraph newspaper reports on the success of SAS Task Force Black in Baghdad...

more info: the telegraph

19.08.2008 SAS spearheads new surge against Taliban

Britain's special forces are to play a key role in a newly-planned "surge" against Taliban forces in Afghanistan, The Independent has learnt...

more info: the independant

11.08.2008 SBS blitz on heroin king

The Sun newspaper reports on a SBS raid in Afghanistan...

more info: the sun

10.08.2008 US General Praises British SAS

General David Petraeus, the top American commander in Iraq, has hailed the SAS and its ongoing efforts against terrorists in Baghdad...

more info: the times online

04.08.2008 3 PARA in Afghan drugs raid

Elite troops from 3 PARA yesterday seized more than £3million worth of heroin - destined for Britain - in Afghanistan...

more info: the sun

01.08.2008 Marines pay tribute to their dead as they return home

40 Commando, Royal Marines took part in a parade in their unit's home town of Taunton, Somerset, yesterday...

more info: the daily mirror

31.07.2008 RAF hero's triple Cross award

An RAF special forces chopper pilot has won a third Distinguished Flying Cross - the first person to do so since World War II...

more info: the sun

31.07.2008 Prince William to join UKSF

Prince William is to spend time with special forces in the next stage of his army career, Clarence House has said...

more info: bbc news | the telegraph | press association | daily mail

31.07.2008 Marine dies during UKSF selection

A Royal Marine signaller has died during selection for the Special Boat Service, the UK's Daily Mirror reports...

more info: daily mirror

30.07.2008 2 PARA soldier killed in Afghanistan

A soldier from the 2nd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment was killed during fighting in Helmand Province, Afghanistan...

more info: reuters | the telegraph

30.07.2008 3 Commando Brigade Prepare For Afghanistan

Royal Marines and other units within 3 Cdo Bde have taken part in pre-deployment training for Op Herrick 9...

more info: bbc news (text + video)

29.07.2008 SAS dead named in landmark decision

Plans to keep the identities of SAS fatalities in Iraq and Afghanistan secret were in tatters last night, following a coroner's landmark decision to allow the naming of two troopers killed in a Puma helicopter crash in Iraq in November 2007...

more info: the independent

28.07.2008 Kenyan troops accused of torture 'were trained by SAS'

The government has asked the Kenyan authorities "urgently" to investigate allegations that Kenyan troops trained by the SAS have carried out ethnic cleansing...

more info: the telegraph

28.07.2008 Iranian hostage Royal Navy captain sacked

The commanding officer at the centre of the Iranian hostage crisis has been removed from his post, the Ministry of Defence said today. . ...

more info: the telegraph | the independent

28.07.2008 Yachting star given a taste of VIP protection by crack Commandos

Report on the Royal Marines close protection display team with yachting star Dee Caffari...

more info: the news (portsmouth)

28.07.2008 Pictures: In the heat of battle - amazing photos from the frontline

The Mirror has published a set of photos featuring Royal Marines in action in Afghanistan...

more info: daily mirror

27.07.2008 Royal Marines Maritime Sniper Team Engage Smugglers

Reports from the Caribbean of a dramatic intercept of a smuggler's speed boat by HMS Iron Duke's MST...

more info: read more » (

25.07.2008 Army finance officer cleared of stealing £100,000 from the SAS

An Army finance sergeant was cleared today of stealing £100,000 from the SAS...

more info: times online

25.07.2008 Attack becomes defence in Helmand

BBC News report on 2 PARA in Afghanistan...

more info: bbc news

25.07.2008 UKSF amongst British medal recipients

6 SBS and 2 SAS troopers have received medals for bravery...

more info: the sun

24.07.2008 ITV1 plans 'hard-hitting' CO19 docs - Digital Spy

A two-part ITV1 documentary with rare access to the Metropolitan police's firearms division will air later this year...

more info: digital spy

23.07.2008 REME soldier killed, 2 Paras injured in Afghanistan

A Taliban ambush has killed a soldier attached to 2 PARA as well as injuring 2 paratroopers...

more info: itn | times online | telegraph (video report)

23.07.2008 Red Devils drop in to help lifeboats

TONIGHT the world's leading parachute display team splashes down in Brixham harbour as the highlight of Torbay's first Lifeboat Week...

more info: this is south devon

22.07.2008 Royal Marine who jumped on grenade awarded George Cross

A Royal Marine is to receive the highest award for gallantry after jumping on a hand grenade to save the lives of three of his comrades...

more info: the telegraph | video report

22.07.2008 Taliban leader surrenders

The Sun reports that a Taliban leader gives himself up in the aftermath of recent SBS operations in Afghanistan...

more info: the sun | daily mail | this is london

22.07.2008 Sergeant 'stole £100,000 from SAS and hid it in a flowerpot'

A former SAS finance officer stole more than £100,000 from the special forces regiment and hid it under a flowerpot, a court martial heard...

more info: times online | the telegraph | bbc news

21.07.2008 SAS were on brink of rescue mission to save Iraq hostage

Gordon Brown was on the brink of ordering in the SAS to free five Britons taken hostage in Iraq just before one of them apparently committed suicide, it has been claimed...

more info: the telegraph | daily mail

21.07.2008 Parachutes for the 'dogs of war'

Reports on sniffer dogs training for deployment with the SAS...

more info: bbc news | the sun | daily mail

21.07.2008 Stars film SAS political thriller

BBC report on new SAS film...

more info: bbc news

20.07.2008 PARA hero slams government treatment of frontline troops

ex 3 PARA CO has strongly criticised defence officials and the government for poor treatment of frontline soldiers...

more info: the guardian

17.07.2008 SBS Bag Taliban Leader

Report on the Special Boat Service operation against a Taliban warlord in Helmand Province...

more info: SBS Bag Taliban Leader

03.07.2008 Navy snipers seize £40m of cocaine off Barbados

The Navy is using Special Boat Service snipers to intercept cocaine shipments heading to Europe from producers in Colombia and Bolivia, it emerged last night...

more info: the independent | the daily mirror

22.06.2008 UKSF Find Iran-Taliban Link

British Special Forces have uncovered evidence of Iranian collusion with the Taliban...

more info: UKSF Find Iran-Taliban Link

18.06.2008 4 British KIA in Afghanistan

Video report on the tragic deaths of British soldiers, including SAS reservists, in Afghanistan...

more info: 4 British KIA in Afghanistan

15.06.2008 UKSF Join Hunt For Osama

The Times reports that British Special Forces are involved in US-led operations inside Pakistan...

more info: UKSF Join Hunt For Osama

08.06.2008 Ex SAS Head Quits

Video news report on the resignation of a former SAS OC

more info: Ex SAS Head Quits

04.06.2008 RAF Special Ops Chinook Fiasco

News item on the continuing MOD procurement problems over the Chinook HC3 speiclal operations helicopter...

more info: RAF Special Ops Chinook Fiasco

23.04.2008 Elite UK Unit Recover Spy Plane Gear

Report on the recovery operation carried out by an elite unit in Afghanistan...

more info: Elite UK Unit Recover Spy Plane Gear

22.04.2008 3 PARA BBC Video

Video of 3 PARA, the Parachute Regiment, on operations against the Taliban...

more info: Parachute Regiment

19.04.2008 SAS In Renewed Basra Fighting

The SAS join renewed efforts against militia forces in Basra...

more info: SAS In Renewed Basra Fighting

14.04.2008 SAS Recruitment Fears

A report on a shortfall of PARA recruits applying for SAS selection...

more info: SAS Recruitment Fears

14.04.2008 16 Air Assault Brigade - Op Herrick VIII

A look at the current deployment by 16 AA Bde to Afghanistan...

more info: 6 Air Assault Brigade - Op Herrick VIII

10.04.2008 Pathfinder Platoon Get The MWMIK

Report, with video, of the MWMIK off-road vehicle, now reportedly in service with the Pathfinders...

more info: Pathfinder Platoon Get The MWMIK;

02.04.2008 Special Forces Hercules - Inquest Underway

The inquest into the shoot-down of a RAF SF C-130K over Iraq in 2005 has begun...

more info: Special Forces Hercules - Inquest Underway

30.03.2008 SAS in Basra Fighting

The press have reported that the SAS have been involved in the fighitng in Basra, Iraq...

more info: SAS in Basra Fighting

27.03.2008 SAS KIA in Iraq

A report on the tragic loss of a SAS soldier during ongoing UKSF operations in Iraq...

more info: SAS KIA in Iraq

24.03.2008 SBS Target Drug Lords

Special Boat Service anti-narcotic operations in Afghanistan....

more info: SBS Target Drug Lords

22.02.2008 SBS Ambush Taliban Leader

Info on the Special Boat Service operation against a convoy of Taliban in Afghanistan...

more info: SBS Ambush Taliban Leader

10.02.2008 SBS On Oil Rig Alert

UK TV news has reported that the SBS has been placed on standby following a security alert on a North Sea oil platform...

more info: SBS On Oil Rig Alert

01.02.2008 Upgraded Commando Helicopter Set For Afghanistan

News on the recent upgrades to CHF Sea King HC4...

more info: Upgraded Commando Helicopter Set For Afghanistan

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