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H4855 Personal Role Radio (PRR)

Personal Role Radios (PRR) consist of headsets attached to short range transmitters/receivers worn by British infantry units, at section-level (8 man teams) or below. PRRs allow infantry sections to stay in communication whilst out of line of sight. This is particularly useful when operating in urban environments as the signal is strong enough to propagate through walls. PRRs have proved their worth in both Iraq and Afghanistan although the PRR does suffer from not being securely encrypted.

A member of a Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit (left) wearing a Personal Role Radio while on a close protection mission in Iraq
U.S. DoD Photo by Sgt. Gustavo Olgiati | public domain

Personal Role Radio - Features & Specifications

2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum
Low probability of Interception
Low probability of Detection
Up to 500m Range
Simple user interface
256 Channel capability (16 directly available to the user)
Easily mounted on the user- small and unobtrusive
Operates independently of any infrastructures
Operates from 2 standard AA size batteries

Frequency Coverage: 2,400 - 2483 MHz, 256 Channels available
Modulation: QPSK (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
Voice Coding: CVSD
Data Protocol: Modified IEEE 802.11
RF Power Output: 100 mW
Range: 500 meters (Rural Terrain) transmission through up to three floors (Urban Terrain)
Power Requirements: 2 AA primary cells provide typically 24 hour use
Weighs: 1.5 kg
Microphone: Electret Noise Canceling
Respirator: NBC Compatible
Ear Piece: Custom Molded design
Compatibility: VHF Combat Radio, UHF Combat Radio, HF Combat Radio
128 Bit Unique Coding

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