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The 4th Battalion, the Parachute Regiment (4 PARA) is a Territorial unit staffed by civilians. 4 PARA act as reserves for 2 and 3 PARA, augmenting them at Company level (exercises) and on an individual level (operations).

4 PARA consists of around 336 ranks and is made up of Companies (Coys) based around the United Kingdom. Each Company consists of 2 rifle platoons and a specialist platoon.

  • 10 Coy (London)
    • Rifle Platoon
    • Rifle Platoon
    • Mortar Platoon
  • 12 Coy (Pudsey)
    • Rifle Platoon
    • Rifle Platoon
    • Assault Pioneer Platoon
  • 15 Coy (Scotland)
    • Rifle Platoon
    • Rifle Platoon
    • Machine Gun Platoon

Battalion Headquarters (HQ Coy) is based at Pudsey.

4 para - chinook
4 PARA soldiers preparing to board a US Chinook during training in June 07 for deployment in Afghanistan in 08.

Recent Operations

112 men from 4 PARA augmented 1 and 3 PARA during Operation Telic, Iraq 2003. Reserves from 4 PARA have joined their regular counterparts in previous operations in Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Kosovo and Northern Ireland.

4 PARA Training

4 PARA selection is open to UK residents aged 18-32 and is dependant on passing a medical exam. Since they must be able to operate alongside their regular counterparts, the men of 4 PARA are fully trained paratroopers and pass through the following training program

  • Recruit Training
    Spread over 8 weekends and 1 evening per week and tests fitness and covers basic soldiering skills.
  • TA Combat Infantryman's Course (CIC)
    (2 weeks) conducted at Catterick training center during which soldiering skills are honed and built upon.
  • P Company
    P Coy, the Pre Parachute Selection must be passed by all UK airborne forces. Upon successful completion of P Coy, the recruit can proudly wear the Red Beret. P Coy consists of a series of intense tests designed to test physical and mental determination.

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  • Parachute Training
    A series of 7 parachute jumps over a 2 week course run by the RAF. Once 'PARA Trained', the recruit can wear the coveted PARA Wings, ('British Military Parachute Wings'.), a patch worn on the shoulder.
  • Specialist Training
    Further qualifications can be earned once in the Battalion:
    • Officer Selection
    • Signaler
    • Medic
    • HGV driver
    • Machine Gunner
    • Sniper / Recce
    • Mortar operator

click here for the official 4 PARA web site

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