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42 Commando - The Battle of Compound 62


Footage of a pitched battle between 42 Commando Royal Marines and Taliban insurgents in Helmand Province, Afghanistan has emerged (see below).

The Royal Marines of Lima Company were, earlier this year, taking part in a 5-day operation which saw SAS-trained Afghan Commandos and 42 Commando clearing insurgents from the Washir area of Nad-e-Ali North.

The so-called Battle of Compound 62 began when 14 Commandos from Lima Company were ambushed while crossing a cornfield. Taking refuge inside a compound - marked as Compound 62 on their maps - they were soon engaged in a prolonged fire fight, with Taliban forces engaging them from 3 directions. During the engagement, which lasted 3 hours, the Taliban fired machine gun rounds, launched RPGs and hurled grenades into the compound. The Royal Marines returned fire and called in close air support from a US A-10 Warthog attack aircraft. They were eventually able to withdraw under covering fire from an Apache helicopter gunship.

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