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1 Assault Group Royal Marines (1 AGRM)

1 AGRM is the parent unit for a number of Royal Marines squadrons which provide landing craft support for Britain's amphibious assault ships and landing dock platforms.

  • 4 Assault Squadron Royal Marines
    (4 ASRM)
    operating Landing Craft Utility (LCU) Mk10 craft from HMS Bulwark
  • 6 Assault Squadron Royal Marines
    (6 ASRM)
    operating Landing Craft Utility (LCU) Mk10 craft from HMS Albion
  • 9 Assault Squadron Royal Marines
    (9 ASRM)
    operating Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP) craft from HMS Ocean

Other units under the 1 AGRM umbrella include:

  • 10 Landing Craft Training Squadron
    • Specialist Landing Craft Career training (L3, L2 and L1 and LCOQ Course)
    • Amphibious training for Royal Marines recruits, young Officers and men undergoing the All Arms Commando Courses
    • Training Royal Navy, Police and Customs in small boat operations
    • Engineering and navigation training for the Assault Squadrons (4,6,9 & 539 ASRM)
    • Specially tailored LC Specialist training for 2 Raiding Troop from the Royal Marines Reserve.
    • Surface Maneuver expertise to the wider amphibious community.
  • 11 Amphibious Test and Trials Squadron
    Based at Royal Marines Instow, Devon

In addition to landing craft support, 1 AGRM also provides expertise in small boat operations at sea and on river networks. The various squadrons use a range of vessels :

1 AGRM (with the exception 11 Amphibious Test and Trials Squadron) is based at Poole Dorset, along with the Special Boat Service and 148 Commando Forward Observation Battery Royal Artillery

1 AGRM is not part of 3 Commando Brigade however it provides the training for the Brigade's 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines (539 ASRM)

40 Commando, Royal Marines, boarding a Landing Craft Utlity (LCU) of the type operated by the squadrons of 1 Assault Group Royal Marines.
U.S. Navy photo by Journalist 1st Class Joseph Krypel.

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