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SBS Cavers In Mexico?

In March 2004, a group of British cave explorers became trapped in an underground cave complex near the town of Cuetzalan, about 180 miles (300 km) northeast of Mexico City. It emerged that several of the group were British military and that they had not sought the permission of the Mexican authorities for the expedition, - nor did they wish to receive help their help, preferring to wait for British naval specialists to arrive. Wild rumours began to circulate, with the press speculating that the expedition was in fact a top secret black operation, probably involving the SBS, who were possibly searching for Uranium or some other item that they did not want the Mexicans to find out about. The team were eventually led to safety and were rapidly escorted out of the country.

It now appears that there was nothing especially clandestine about the (mis)adventure and the whole air of mystique was simply a product of the bad blood caused by the British cavers apparent disdain for the Mexican authorities and some overactive imaginations. All of the British team were eventually named, which suggests that they were not connected with UKSF, in fact they appear to be from the Combined Services Caving Association (CSCA).

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