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UK Special & Elite Forces - Rumours

This part of the site is for various unsubstantiated rumours that have surfaced over the years. As with all info on the internet, it's up to you what to believe.

The SAS & The Spyplane

Were the SAS called in to provide security for a top secret US spy plane that crashed in Wiltshire?

The Increment

A long-rumoured cadre of speciall-trained SAS, SBS and other elite operatives, working under the control of the Secret Security Services

more info : The Increment

SAS & The Secret Society

A look at the rumoured links between the SAS and Britain's secret establishment.

Did the SBS raid Sweden?

A newly-published book alleges that covert SBS missions were launched against Sweden as part of a cold war deception operation.

SAS captured by the Serbs in 1999?

Did Serbia capture SAS operatives during the 1999 NATO operations in Kosovo?

Were the SBS prevented from nabbing Bin Laden?

A long-rumoured story of an SBS unit barred from capturing Osama.

SBS In Mexico Cave Drama?

When an authorised British military caving expedition gets into trouble in Mexico, rumours begin of a cladestine operation involving the SBS .

Flight 149 - Secret SAS Mission?

Did a British Airways passenger flight purposely land in Kuwait city during the Iraqi invasion in 1990 in order to deliver a MI6 / UKSF team?

Do The SAS Have Bat Wings?

Have the SAS adopted technology inspired by a daring cross-channel glide by a French daredevil?

Did The SAS Capture Saddam's Half Brother?

The SAS are believed to have captured one of Saddam's half-brothers and advisors as he tried to flee to Syria in April 2003.

UKSF in Iraq pre-war?

In the months building up to the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, various news outlets reported that US and UK Special Forces had been operating inside Iraq, gathering intelligence on, amongst other things, Iraq's WMDs. Whether such reports were part of a propaganda campaign or based on truth is unclear

SBS in Gulf War 1

It has been rumoured that during the 1991 Gulf War, an SBS mission along the Kuwaiti coast was nearly attacked by a US warplane. It has been said that a SBS mini-sub, operating in shallow waters, was detected by a US Navy A6 Intruder jet. The A6 was reportedly close to engaging the SBS vessel but in the end did not.

SAS capture a SAM seeker head

A short-lived rumour occurred during the 1991 Gulf War 1. Whilst allied air strikes pounded the Iraq forces, a flight of Iraqi transport helicopters flew from Iraq into Saudi Arabia, where they were escorted to a coalition airbase. Rampant speculation in the press wondered if the helicopters were somehow part of an SAS mission to steal a seeker-head from an Iraqi SA6 surface-to-air-missile. It turns out that the flight of helicopters were simply Iraqi pilots defecting.

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