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43 Commando - Exercise Deutsche Dagger


The Royal Navy Youtube channel recently posted a video showing Royal Marines from 43 Commando on exercise in Germany.

The video features Royal Marines assigned to Comacchio Troop and Dubrovnik Troop, O Squadron, 43 Commando undergoing training at Sennelager ranges in Germany. The footage includes troops training in close quarters battle (CQB) techniques, including room clearing and the use of flashbangs as well as core infantry skills.

Of note are the L119A1 carbines in use by the Royal Marines in this clip. It was reported in March of this year that 43 Commando had stopped using the L85A2 (SA80A2) rifle in favour of the Canadian-made L119.

Video Transcript:

My name is Captain Josh Roughton, second-in-command of O Squadron, 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines.

O Squadron's main role is to provide the military aspect of the security of our nation's nuclear deterrent. We do this in support of the Ministry Of Defence Police.

Exercise Deutsche Dagger is the culmination of our training year. It runs 3 times a year in order to capture all the troops in O Squadron. It's always evolving and we regularly invite other Royal Marines units or Army units to join us in training.

The exercise is split into 2 distinct phases. A close quarters battle phase, using simunition, where we practise the skills that we use when deployed on nuclear security operations. The second phase is a live-fire tactical training phase with the aim of achieving troop-level live-fire tactical training.

We use the Sennelager training area in Germany as it has large field-firing areas and a specifically-designed urban warfare training facility, which is perfect for our needs.

Exercise Deutsche Dagger has given Comacchio and Dubrovnik Troop not only the opportuniy to practise and develop their mission-specific skills, it has also given the ability to rehearse their core soldiering abilities, enablign them to prepare for whatever the future may held.

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