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SAS Lead The Hunt For Gaddafi


As rebels continue to seemingly edge closer to a conclusive victory and with a £1 million bounty placed on Colonel Gaddafi's head, it has emerged that soldiers from the 22nd Special Air Service regiment (22 SAS) are leading the hunt for the elusive dictator.

As reported yesterday, it has long been believed that British special forces and MI6 operatives have been involved in Libya, aiding the rebels with advice, training and by coordinating with NATO air power. According to the Telegraph, defence sources have now confirmed the deployment of the SAS into Libya.

The SAS troops are reportedly trying to blend in with the rebels as much as possible by wearing similar clothing and carrying similar weapons such as AK47 rifles. Over the last few days it is thought that UKSF assisted the rebels in taking the capital, Tripoli. Today, various sources have reported that troops from 22 SAS are now actively hunting Gaddafi.

At the time of writing neither NATO or the rebels know where Gaddafi is. There are rumors of an extensive tunnel network running under Tripoli, linking various sites together and even perhaps stretching out to the coast or into the desert. It is possible that Gaddafi has used these tunnels to escape Tripoli or is held up in a bunker somewhere underground. He may also be moving around from house to house in the manner of Saddam Hussein during Gulf War II.

NATO will likely be using all sorts of methods to try and find Gaddafi, including monitoring radio transmissions, aerial reconnaissance, gathering human intelligence, watching possible escape routes and investigating suspected hiding places. Special forces such as 22 SAS will use their extensive intelligence gathering skills to find and track Gadaffi. If they do find Gaddafi it is likely that they will call in rebel forces to actually capture or kill him.

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