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Hand Grenades

hand grenade
L109A1anti-personnel grenade

L109A1 HE Fragmentation Grenade

The L109A1 came into service in the British military in 2001, replacing the L2A2 as the standard anti-personnel grenade. The L109A1 weighs 465 gm, has a fuse delay of 3-4 seconds. The grenade is filled with RDX explosives. On detonation the steel shell bursts and fragments outwards at high velocity.

Signal Smoke Grenades

L64, L65, L66 & L67 grenades are designed for signaling purposes. Troops will typically use the coloured smoke released by these grenades to mark their own positions and to mark out aircraft landing zones.

Screening Smoke Grenades

smoke screen
Smoke screens have been used in battle throughout history.
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L50A1, L72 and L83 smoke grenades are designed to release a large volume of smoke in a short period of time. Such grenades are used to obscure the user. It is the SOP (standard operating procedure) of most British patrols when, on contact with an enemy, to lay down a smoke screen whilst withdrawing to a rallying point.

White Phosphorus Grenades

L84 White phosphorus (WP) grenades have both an offensive and defensive application. The grenades contain phosphorus, which ignites on contact with the air, burning at high temperature and producing voluminous clouds of smoke. Besides being used to create smoke screens, WP grenades can be used as anti-personnel grenades and used to clear trenches, foxholes etc.

Stun Grenades

Aside from the fragmentation/smoke grenades listed above, UKSF also employ stun grenades during anti-terrorist operations. For more info on stun grenades, click here

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