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Famous Ex-Special Forces - BEAR GRYLLS

Edward Michael Grylls, otherwise known as Bear Grylls was born on the 7th of June, 1974.

Bear Grylls Now best known for his survival-themed televsion series, the adventurer Bear Grylls was once a member of UK Special Forces. Between 1994 and 1997, Grylls served in 21 SAS, part of the United Kingdom Special Forces Reserves. While serving with 21 SAS, Grylls was a trooper, survival instructor and patrol medic.

Some of Bear Gryll's achievements as an adventurer include :.

  • At age 23, Grylls was the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest
  • In 2000, Grylls became led a team on the world's first circumnavigation of the UK on a jet ski
  • In 2003, Grylls was part of an unassisted crossing of the North Atlantic Arctic Ocean
  • Grylls led a team that paramotered over Angel Falls in Venzuala in 2005
  • Bear Grylls and team paramotered over the Himalayas, flying higher than Mount Everest

Bear Grylls is the star of a popular Channel 4 television program called Born Survivor Bear Grylls

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