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UK Special Forces To Help Guard Royal Wedding


Various press outlets have reported that United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF) will be deployed / placed on a high state of alert when the Royal Wedding takes place on Friday.

Security for the event, which is expected to be watched by 2 billion people worldwide, is the primary responsibility of civilian security services. In case of trouble, the Metropolitan Police (the MET) will be able to call on police officers from the elite CO19 unit. The Express newspaper reported that CO19 will be put on a 'shoot to kill' footing when policing the wedding, while the Daily Star claims that some CO19 officers will be armed with G36K assault rifles, a step up from the shorter G36C carbines usually carried.

Security for the Royals themselves is the responsibility of SO14, part of the Met's Protection Command. On the big day, members of S014's Special Escort Group (SEG) will drive the Royal Family and other select VIPs to Westminster Abbey in vehicles, some of which will be escorted by SEG riders on BMW motorcycles.

In addition to civilian security forces, it has also been reported that various UKSF units will also be deployed / on alert:

  • The SAS squadron assigned to counter terrorism alert, bolstered by additional troops from the SBS, will be on standby at the SAS base at Credenhill, Hereford. Chinooks from 7 Squadron, RAF, will be ready to chopper the CT team into London if needed. Additional SAS troops may also deploy to London.

  • Undercover Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) soldiers will assist police forces in monitoring the large crowds expected at the various venues.

  • SAS snipers will augment CO19 marksmen keeping watch over the proceedings from the rooftops.

  • Members of the Special Boat Service will be deployed to ensure that the Thames is secure and to counter the threat of a Mumbai-style terrorist attack being launched from the river.

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