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The Regiment - The Real Story Of The SAS by Michael Asher

A newly released book out now aims to examine the first 50 years of the renowned SAS, exploring the myths, personalities and ideas that created the Regiment and have turned it into the fighting force it is today. 'The Regiment - The Real Story Of The SAS' is written by Michael Asher and is available to buy now.

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About The Author

Michael Asher has served in the Parachute Regiment and the Territorial SAS (23 SAS). He has presented several TV documentaries including the controversial 'the Real Bravo Two Zero'.

You can read more about Michael Asher at his website : Lost Oasis

read a Q+A with Michael Asher

Sample Photos

Here are some examples of the photos found in the book:

sas jeeps sas helicopter malaya sas iranian embassy
SAS jeep patrol, France, World War 2 helicopter operating with SAS in Malaya SAS storm the Iranian Embassy

Extracts from 'The Regiment'

The Iranian Embassy Siege
'That instant a deafening wallop ripped through the stairwell. One of the two stun-charges went off, so loud that it was heard miles away. On the front first-floor balcony, Team no 3 were setting their frame-charge in full view of the whirring TV cameras. At that moment, a window on the second floor above them creaked open and a terrorist leaned out and dropped a grenade. It was his last move. A split-second later a deadly accurate single round from a sniper in Hyde Park smacked into his skull. The grenade bounced off the balcony but failed to explode - he had forgotten to pull the pin.'

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Operation Kipling, 1943
'Harrison gripped the front twin-Vickers. Hall gunned gas. The two jeeps fried rubber, spooned dirt, shrieked into the village square with Union Jacks up. A Waffen SS officer in field-grey stood in the road, pistol in hand. Harrison saw his eyes go big with shock, and squeezed twin-triggers. The Vickers K rasped, the German lurched and fell. The pistol clattered into the gutter. Harrison took in houses, an orchard, a church, a truck, two staff cars, a bunch of Boche in field-grey. He stood up in his seat, pulled iron, traversing the Germans. Twin-Vickers streaked, incendiary rounds socked metal, chugged petrol tanks. Cars and trucks threw up steel shards, spurls of flame and smoke. '

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The Creation Of The SAS
'A tall young subaltern in battledress, wearing the Scots Guards badge on his field-service cap, approached the security barrier on crutches. When the military warden demanded his pass, the officer failed to produce it. Sent packing, he dumped his crutches outside the barbed wire, jumped over the fence, and sprinted to the door with a bawling warden in hot pursuit.'

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The Regiment
by Michael Asher

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