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UK Special Forces video

Streaming video featuring the SAS and SBS...


This footage was filmed through the FLIR on a US F15E fighter/bomber during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. The SAS fighting column of Land Rovers are deep behind enemy lines in Iraq's western desert. The Iraqi scud convoy has already been attacked by the SAS and the launcher vehicle has been set alight by a Milan anti-tank missile. After a protracted engagement, the SAS called in the bombers.

Make sure to enable your speakers for this one as it includes a rare recording of the SAS ground controllers - one calls in the coordinates and later you hear a second SAS controller identifying his own forces to avoid becoming a target for the bombers.

Things of interest in this clip:

The call sign 'Delta-2-1' indicates that this SAS column was from D Squadron.
The 2nd SAS voice identifies himself as 'Highlight', the codeword for UK special forces, as used during the war..
The co-ordinates given out for the SAS's location can be viewed via Google Earth:
click here to download the KMZ file for this SAS engagement
if you don't have Google Earth, get it here

SAS DESERT STORM - Land Rover Column

Short (and silent) clip showing gun camera footage taken from a helicopter as it picks up an Iraqi POW captured by the SAS. The SAS fighting column is deep behind Iraqi lines, hunting SCUD missiles launchers during the 1991 Gulf War. The SAS men may seem overdressed for the desert, but it was actually freezing cold and the various fighting columns had winter clothing flown in with their regular re-supply airlifts.

The co-ordinates shown on the gun camera reveal the SAS's location, which can be viewed via Google Earth:
click here to download the KMZ file for this incident
if you don't have Google Earth, get it here


Short clip showing gun camera film from an American fighter bomber as it makes bomb runs on Serbian positions in Bosnia, 1995. The SAS forward air controller is calling in the strikes and can be heard on the film's audio.

SBS Combat Footage

Combat footage from Afghanistan, 2001, showing the SBS fighting the Taliban during the uprising of prisoners at Qala-i-janghi. The news reporters mis-identifies the men as SAS but it's now certain that the only UK presence during the incident was from the Special Boat Service.

SBS Reclaiming The British Embassy - Kuwait City, Kuwait, 1991

A brief glimpse of SBS commandos on a mission to reclaim and secure the British Embassy in the Kuwait Capital at the end of the Gulf War, 1991. The SBS are fast-roping down from Chinooks flown by RAF Special Forces 7 Squadron SF flight. Off camera, Royal Navy Seakings delivered SBS sniper teams onto adjacent buildings who covered the main insertion. The SBS teams were ordered to storm and secure the Embassy buildings as it was feared that the occupying Iraqi forces may have left booby-traps or even troops inside. In reality, no boobytraps or enemy troops were found.

SBS & US Special Forces in Afghanistan

Footage showing a contingent of Special Boat Service (SBS) and US Special Forces returning to the scene of an uprising of captured Taliban at a fort in Afghanistan, 2001. The SBS are in the 2 white land rovers. These SBS men were operating as part of joint UK-US quick reaction force (QRF) based in the nearby city of Mazar-i-Sharif. When several hundred Taliban prisoners incarcerated in the fort revolted, broke into the armory and attempted to shoot their way out, the QRF was called in and was soon drawn into a prolonged and bloody gun battle, one that lasted several days.

SBS - Brunei Beach Recce

Brief and rare footage showing the SBS doing a recce of a beach before an amphibious assault by the Royal Marines. This video was shot during an exercise in Brunei in 1997. The most important part of the beach recce had been done before this clip starts, as the SBS men are still underwater. Wearing rebreather apparatus, the SBS would have measured the gradient of the beach and its approaches. The consistency of the sand would have been examined to ensure its suitability for the amphibious assault.

SBS - Zodiac / Chinook

Amazing clip of Special Boat Service (SBS) driving a Zodiac-type inflatable boat straight up the rear ramp of a RAF Chinook (possibly from 7 Squadron, Special Forces flight).

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