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L9A1 51mm Mortar

Small and light enough to be carried by one soldier, the 51mm mortar gives an infantry platoon mobile indirect fire support.

51 mortar
The 51mm Mortar can be used to illuminate the battlefield with parachute flare rounds like these.

As with its big brother, the 81mm L16, the 51mm can fire a range of ordinance including illumination flares, obscuring smoke and high explosive rounds out to a maximum range of 750 meters.A skilled operator can put up to 8 rounds down range per minute.

weight : 6.725kg
barrel length : 700m
Bomb weight:
Illumination: 800 grams
Smoke: 900 grams
High Explosive: 920 grams

The L9A1 is gradually being phased out in favour of the 40mm rounds fired by the Grenade Launcher found on the SA80a2 UGL.

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