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The Mobility Weapon-Mounted Installation Kit (MWMIK), or 'Jackal', is an open armoured vehicle used by The Royal Marines and Parachute Regiment, as well as other UK forces.

The Jackal can be used as a reconnaissance / long range patrol vehicle as well as a fire support platform. It was first deployed during Operation Herrick, the Afghanistan campaign. It was of particular use to light recce units such as 3 Commando Brigade's Brigade Patrol Troop and 16 Air Assault's Pathfinder Platoon, largely replacing the lighter, less capable Land Rover WMIK. With thicker tires and better ground clearance, the Jackal offer greatly improved off-road handling. Side armour provides better protection from small arms fire than the WMIK. It is also claimed that the Supacat offers greater protection from IEDs. Whilst this may be true with regards to mines exploded underneath the vehicle, the Supacat MWMIK's occupants are still vulnerable to blast damage from roadside bombs.

The Jackal has a crew of 3. A typical loadout for a Jackal comprises of a GPMG, HMG .50 cal machine gun, or HK GMG 40mm grenade launcher as its main weapon, complemented by a GPMG mounted at the vehicle commander's station.

mwmik Jackal
MWMIK Jackal pictured at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, 2008
image by Cpl Ian Houlding  | © UK MOD / Crown Copyright 2024
Used under Open Government Licence

UKSF units such as the SAS, SBS and SFSG use the Supacat HTM 400, an almost identical vehicle to the Jackal, configured for Special Forces operations.

Supacat HMT400 / JACKAL Specifications

Engine Cummins 6-cylinder 5.9-litre turbo-charged diesel engine
Max Power 134 Kw (185 BPH) @2500 RPM
Max Torque 650 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Transmission Allison 2500 automatic 5-speed
Maximum speed 80 kph on mettled road
Wheels 20 in x 10 Alloy one-piece drop well rims or run flat rim system
Axle 1 3500kg
Axle 2 3500kg
UW 4700kg
GVW 7000kg
Tyres Michelin 335/80R20 XML MPT TL 141 K
Fuel System
Main Tank 147 litre
Aux Tank 50 litre
Features: Power Steering
Adjustable steering column
Twin shock absorbers on per wheel station

Jackal 2

In 2009, the MoD announced that an upgraded MWMIK, the 'Jackal 2', was to be introduced into service. Changes included:

  • main gun moved forward to allow forward firing without putting the front occupants at risk
  • crew capacity increased from 3 to 4
  • additional armour
  • strengthened chassis
  • vehicle can move with doors open
  • rear 'jockey seat' replaced with 2 blast-protected seats
Jackal 2
A Jackal 2 speeds across terrain.
image by Cpl Ian Forsyth RLC  | © UK MOD / Crown Copyright 2009
Used under Open Government Licence

Jackal 2 in olive green
British Army Jackal 2 pictured during Exercise Sabre Strike 18, Poland, June 2018.
Michigan Army National Guard photo by Spc. Alan Prince /released

Jackal 2 with GMG
British Army Jackal 2 armed with Grenade Machine Gun (GMG)
Michigan Army National Guard photo by Spc. Robert Douglas/ released

Jackal 2 Recce
A recce element with the 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards (QDG) travels in Jackal 2 MWMIKs during an exercise in Poland, June 2018. The QDG is a light cavalry regiment that specialises in reconnaissance.
U.S. Army photo by Spc. Hubert D. Delany III

Coyote TSV

coyote tsv
A Coyote tactical support vehicle (TSV) - a 6x6 vehicle that features increased cargo space and is designed to carry supplies and equipment in support of the Jackal 2. It is based on the HMT 600 6x6 chassis and is crewed by 4.
image by Andrew Linnett  | © UK MOD / Crown Copyright 2024
Used under Open Government Licence

Coyote TSV in olive green
British Army Coyote TSV on exercise in Poland, June 2018
Michigan Army National Guard photo by Spc. Robert Douglas/ released.

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