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3 PARA WMIK land rovers

Footage showing men of the 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment (3 PARA), training with the weapons systems on their WMIK Land Rovers. The WMIK (pronounced 'wimik') stands for Weapons Mount Installation Kit and consists of a series of pintle-mounts and roll bar attachments. Typical loadouts are of a 7.62mm GPMG (with 200-round ammo box) mounted at the vehicle commander station, with either a 2nd GPMG, a .50 HMG, or 40mm GMG mounted at the rear station. For long-range engagements, a variety of scopes (both day and night) will be fitted to the weapons. Milan wire-guided anti-tank missiles can be mounted to the roll bars. Amongst other things, this video shows the field of fire possible from the commander station's pintle-mounted gpgm.

An obvious shortcoming of the WMIKs is their lack of protection for the occupants. The men are vulnerable to small arms fire, even if behind the limited armour provided by the Land Rover's chassis. This open design does, however, allow those onboard to fire out in all directions. Elite units such as the Paras or Royal Marines have used the vehicles' speed and firepower to prevail in numerous battles with the Taliban in Afghanistan. It's rumoured that the Taliban refer to the British WMIKs as 'porcupines', due to the array of weapons sticking out from the wagons.

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