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SAS Weapons - MAC 10

The American-made Ingram MAC 10 or M10 machine pistol was used, albeit rather limitedly, by the SAS during the 70s. The MAC-10 is a compact weapon that fires 9mm or .45 rounds at a high rate.

The Regiment trialed the 9mm version of gun for the anti-terrorist team but found it to be too inaccurate. When fitted with a suppressor and fired in short bursts, the MAC-10 becomes easier to control, although the suppressor doubles the overall length of the weapon.

The MAC 10 was reportedly used for a short time by the SAS in Northern Ireland during the early 1970s, as was the standard Army SMG of the time, the Sterling 9mm, before both were replaced in SAS use by the HK MP5. [1] Former SBS/14 Int operative, Duncan Falconer, describes carrying a MAC 10 concealed beneath his jacket while on a 14 Int operation in his book [2].

mp5a3 mp5a3
MAC-10 MAC-10 with suppressor

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