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UKSF Gear - Aircraft

In this section we link to info / photos on the various aircraft employed in support of United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF) and other elite units.



Chinook Helicopters

Heavy-lift helicopters providing support to Special Forces.
more info : Chinook Helicopters
Lynx Mk9a

Lynx Mk9a

As flown by 657 Squadron Army Air Corps (AAC).
more info : Lynx Mk9a
Wildcat AH1

Wildcat AH1

State of the art battlefield reconnaissance and light assault helicopter operated by the AAC and Commando Helicopter Force (CHF).
more info : Wildcat AH1
Wildcat HMA2

Wildcat HMA2

Naval version of the Wildcat oeprating from warships and by 815 NAS Maritime Interdiction Flight.
more info : Wildcat HMA2


Medium-lift helicopter operated by the Commando Helicopter Force.
more info : Merlin

AS365 Dauphin

Light helicopters flown by 658 Sqn AAC in support of the 22nd Special Air Service.
more info : AS365 Dauphin

Puma Helicopters

RAF helicopters flown in support of Special Forces
more info : Puma Helicopters

Fixed Wing

RAF Hercules (C-130J)

Hercules C5 / C4

C-130J Hercules transporters operated by RAF Special Forces.
more info : Hercules C5 / C4
RAF Hercules (C-130K)

Hercules C1 / C3 / C3a

The previous generation of RAF Special Forces Hercules, based on the C-130K
more info : Hercules C1 / C3 / C3a

Defender / Islander

Fixed wing airborne command post / communications relay / surveillance aircraft operated by 651 Sqn AAC.
more info : Defender / Islander

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