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Parachute Regiment- Falklands Conflict

Operation Corporate

When Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands in April, 3 PARA and 2 PARA were integrated into 3 Commando Brigade and joined the Naval Task Force heading to the South Atlantic. The Paras fought some of the key battles of the war:

  • May 21st
    2 PARA came ashore at San Carlos with 40 Commando, Royal Marines then secured the British bridgehead by occupying the slopes of Sussex Mountains.
    San Carlos (google earth kmz file)

  • May 21st
    3 PARA came ashore at Port San Carlos with 42 Commando
    Port San Carlos (google earth kmz file)

  • May 27th
    2 PARA attacked the Argentine-held airfield at Goose Green in a protracted battle that starts at first light and continues throughout the day. The Argentineans eventually surrendered to 2 PARA.
    Goose Green (google earth kmz file)

  • May 27th
    3 PARA 'tabbed' from Port San Carlos to capture Teal Inlet..
    Teal Inlet (google earth kmz file)

  • May 31st
    3 PARA tabbed to, and secured, Estancia House
    Estancia House (google earth kmz file)

  • June 11th
    In fierce fighting, 3 PARA attacked Mount Longdon then held the mountain for 48 hours under heavy artillery barrage
    Mount Longdon (google earth kmz file)

  • June 13th
    Supported by 3 PARA mortar platoon, light tanks from The Blues and Royals and Naval artillery, 3 PARA took Wireless Ridge, high ground that overlooked the capital, Port Stanley
    Wireless Ridge (google earth kmz file)

  • June 15th
    On the morning of the 15th of June, 2 and 3 PARA push into Stanley, the first British forces to reach the capital (not counting the British team who flew in to negotiate the surrender).
    Port Stanley (google earth kmz file)

The Paras had fought an exceptional campaign. Their penchant for quick aggressive action meant they had led the way and forced the pace of the British advance.

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