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Parachute Regiment Selection

The long, hard road to becoming a PARA begins with an initial selection process which asses the candidate's suitability to join the British Army:

Preliminary Tests

PARA hopefuls first have to undergo a preliminary interview and BARB test at a Armed Forces Careers Office. The BARB (British Army Recruit Battery) test is a series of time questions displayed on a computer touch screen. Potential Paras are expected to have higher than average BARB scores.

After the initial interview/BARB tests at an Army Careers Office, PARA candidates move onto...

Recruit Selection Centre (RSC)

.All candidates wishing to join the British Army must pass RSC, which comprises:

  • Full medical by an Army doctor.
  • Basic physical tests 
  • Interviews with Army officers.

RSC lasts 24 hours and takes place at an Army Training Regiment (ATR)

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On successfully completion of the initial selection steps, candidates move on to more PARA-specific tests...

Parachute Regiment Aptitude Course (PRAC)

  • Gym tests
    1. 15 sit-ups on a bench angled at 45 degrees.
    2. 10 dips on the parallel bar.
    3. 10 underarm heaves to the bar.
  • 5 Mile Run
    1. 3 miles squadded
    2. 1 & half miles in best time
  • Steeplechase Course
    2 circuits in no more than 12 minutes

Those who pass initial selection will move on to mainstream training, which includes the Pre-Parachute Selection (PPS) course run by Pegasus Company (P Coy).

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