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Pegasus Company (P COY) - Pre-Parachute Selection (PPS)

Potential Parachute Regiment soldiers and all arms wishing to join 16 Air Assault Brigade (16 AA Bde) must got through Pre-Parachute Selection (PPS) run by Pegasus Company (P Coy) at the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick, North Yorkshire.

P Coy run 3 PPS courses:

  • Parachute Regiment Recruit PPS
    (for regular Parachute Regiment)
  • All Arms Regular PPS
    (for 16 Air Assault Brigade)
  • TA Parachute Regiment/TA All-Arms PPS
    (for 4 PARA and other reserves elements of 16 AA Bde)

Test Week

All PPS courses feature a series of 8 tests, held over 7 days

  1. 10 miler
    carrying 35lb bergen and a rifle, to be completed in1 hour 50 minutes or under
  2. Trainasium
    An assault course designed to test a candidate's head for heights
  3. Log Race
    8-man team carrying a 60kg log over 1.9km
  4. 2 Mile March
    carrying 35lb bergen, food, water and a rifle, to be completed in 18 minutes or under
  5. Steeplechase
    1.8 mile cross-country course featuring water obstacles and an assault course
  6. Milling
    Milling tests if the recruit as the aggression and determination required of a Paratrooper. Recruits must aggressively pummel their opponent whilst wearing boxing gloves and head guard.
  7. Endurance March
    20 miles carrying 35lb bergen, water, food and a rifle, to be completed in 4 hours or under (TA recruits do not do the endurance march)
  8. Stretcher Race
    16-man teams carry a 175 lb stretcher over 5 miles

Regular PARA recruits undergo PPS during week 20 of their training. Other recruits (all arms) undergo a series of preliminary tests before undergoing test week. All Arms PPS comprises:

  1. Screening
    • 8 mile march
    • Trainasium Introduction
    • 1.5 Mile Run
  2. Buildup
    • Load-Carrying Marches
    • Fast Runs
    • Circuit Training
    • Military Skills
      • Map Reading
      • First Aid
      • Fieldcraft
      • Bayonet Fighting
      • Military Swim Test
  3. Test Week

On completion of PPS, a recruit is eligible to wear the coveted maroon beret and can now move on to parachute training with the RAF.

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