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SAS Weapons - Sig Sauer P226

The Swiss-made Sig Sauer P226 is a reliable and popular pistol in service with many militaries and law enforcement agencies around the world.

It can be chambered in .356sig, .40SW or 9mm (as used by the Regiment). The P226 has a standard magazine capacity of 15 but is often fitted with extended 20-round magazines by SAS troopers when carried on counter-terrorism operations.

Other UK units that use the P226 include:

  • the Special Boat Service (SBS) now use the P226 over the Browning High Power
  • 16 Air Assault's Pathfinder Platoon have recently (2007) been issued with P226 sidearms.
  • whether the SRR or the SFSG have been issued with P226s is open to speculation at this time, although it would seem likely.

A variant of the P226 is the Sig Sauer P228, only available in 9mm. The P228's slightly more compact design has made it a favorite of close protection teams and undercover units and is believed to be in use with the SAS.

sig sauer p226
Sig Sauer P226
photo by Hardenacke

BRF soldier fires Sig P226
A member of 4 Mechanised Brigade's Brigade Reconnaissance Force (4 Bde BRF) fires a Sig Sauer P226R during pre-deployment training. From 2007 onwards, all infantry soldiers deployed to Afghanistan were issued with a sidearm, typically the L105A2 Sig Sauer P226R. The 'R' model adds a rail to the underside of the pistol's frame onto which accessories such as a torch may be attached.
MOD photo Sgt Mike Fletcher RLC | © Crown copyright 2009 | used under open government licence

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