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Before the now ubiquitous HK MP5SD came into service within the SBS, one of the suppressed SMGs (sub machine guns) used was the L34A1. A special version of the 9mm L2A3 Sterling with an integrated suppressor, the L34A1 was an ideal weapon to be taken on small SBS patrols, to take out sentries or to covertly engage enemy patrols when compromised.

The suppressor reduces the speed of the propellant gasses released and ignited by the bullet cartridge, and thus reduces the the volume of the weapon's report. When combined with subsoinic ammunition, which eliminates the crack of a round breaking the sound barrier, a suppressed weapon can sound not much louder than a staple gun. Additionally, the suppressor also reduces muzzle-flash, making it harder to locate the shooter's position.

As with the similar Silent Sten, the L34A1's suppressor can get fouled by carbon when too many rounds are put through it too quickly. A skilled operator would use the L34A1 in semiautomatic mode only.

sterling suppressed smg
Sterling L34a1 suppressed smg

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